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  21. Has Erik had a previous infatuation before Christine?
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  24. Anybody believe Erik still haunts the opera?
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  32. Random, but does this bother anyone else?
  33. Phantom of the Louvre: Belphegor, a female phantom
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  69. Happy Birthday Sarah Brightman!
  70. Any jokes phantom related. *laughter* that wasn't a joke *laughing continues* *sighs*
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  72. anybody know Erik's last name??
  73. Need Info... Please Help... Robert Englund...
  74. Death of a Phantom: Rob Guest
  75. Dario Argento's version....-gag-
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  83. No One Would Listen...Except Madame Giry???
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  86. The Alonso/Tilford Musical
  87. Don Juan Unmasked
  88. Happy Birthday Michael Crawford!!!!!
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  90. So Touching...it Changes
  91. R.I.P. Susanna Foster
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  99. New POTO film: Angel of Music, now available on DVD!
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  103. Dario Argentos Phantom - The Review!!!
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  120. Erik Plushies
  121. All Things Phantom Interviews Brianne Kelly Morgan 12/12 @ 5 - Meg Giry From Vegas
  122. Erik Destler?
  123. Erik's Russian tea from the Kay book
  124. i have a question consetning Leroux version...
  125. Masquarade at Wal Mart! (kinda sorta)
  126. What would you write to Erik?
  127. What do you own (Of phantom)
  128. Who is the Angel of Music?
  129. Play Adaptation
  130. Phans Week 2010- Pittsburgh, PA
  131. Inspiration for "All I Ask of You"
  132. Hi all, and my recording of 'Music of the Night'
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  134. A New Book - The Phantom of Valletta
  135. Robert Heindel "I'm Here I'm Here I'm Here"
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  142. Phatnom's Kelly Jeanne Grant Helps Fight Hunger November 15th in New York City
  143. similar book?
  144. ERIK: Portrait of a Living Corpse
  145. dream cast for Phantom movie?
  146. Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera
  147. Any Australians going to Love Never Dies - Melbourne?
  148. Carlotta- we all secretly love her.
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  161. The Black Violin
  162. love never dies!!!
  163. Collectible Photoplay Book going Cheap on eBay
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  167. New Edition of Phantom Phantasia.
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  169. An instance where Christine drives me nuts...
  170. New info on the lost 1916 film.
  171. actress from Lon Chaney version of Phantom passes away.
  172. Changing Views on POTO
  173. New Mackintosh Version
  174. Raoul, intentional spark to Erik's kindling?
  175. Did Erik really believe his kiss could kill?
  176. Was Erik Really Redeemed in the End?
  177. For people who have seen ghosts in Palais Garnier
  178. Why did Erik ask the slave girl to unmask him?
  179. The Northern Railway Station of the World
  180. Scarred for Life?
  181. ALW's Phantom comes to Paris!
  182. Why Not
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