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  1. A Sexy Phantom?
  2. Christine Daaé
  3. The Phantom
  4. Movie: Old Giry or Young Giry?
  5. Raoul de Chagny
  6. Who's Your Favorite Character?
  7. Meg Giry
  8. Can we really love Erik?
  9. Piangi's Dwarf?
  10. Madame Giry
  11. Walk in Christine's shoes... would you choose Phantom or Raoul?
  12. Carlotta Guidicelli
  13. Carlotta and Piangi's Relationship
  14. Erik is selfish? Doesn't love Christine?
  15. Removing The Mask
  16. Christine: blonde vs. brunette
  17. What's the main charater's sign?
  18. Do you like the character of Christine?
  19. Erik's Dream Date
  20. Why Do You Think
  21. Christine is not . . .
  22. Erik is not . . .
  23. Raoul is not . . .
  24. The Phantom in Our Midst....
  25. Erik, Meg, and Madame Giry?
  26. What fills Erik (The Phantom) and Christine's union?
  27. The Phantom: He Would Have Always Lost
  28. I think Erik may have had Ausperger's Syndrome
  29. Who thinks the Phantom is bipolar?
  30. Is it just me. . .
  31. Behaving in a More Gentleman-Like Manner
  32. Christine: Selfish she is...?
  33. Was Christine smart?
  34. the absence of the Persian in adaptations
  35. Was Erik a virgin?
  36. Objectives are the Keys
  37. Why Christine and not Madame Giry
  38. Real people whom the characters in Phantom were based off of?
  39. What were Erik`s true feelings toward Christine?
  40. Could Erik really Be Megs father??
  41. The Phantom [2]
  42. Was she in love with him? Or his haunting voice?
  43. Which POTO Character are you most like?
  44. Similarities to other characters
  45. Erik's Mother
  46. When does the Phantom fall in love with Christine?
  47. The Music Lessons Of Christine Daaé
  48. How do you think that Erik would feel about Halloween?