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witch 05-14-2009 04:48 AM

~* A Witching Effect *~
~* A Witching Effect *~

Seeing all the wonderful banners that people have made I thought I'd offer up a little something.


Some of you may of seen my new banner that has a "Fire Affect To It" that makes the banner come to life which is what I am offers. Animation for the banners and effect.

I am still playing around with the effects but these are some of the things I have found.

(Note there are others that I shall add with time)

*Fire (this can be seen in my current banner)
*Water Drop

I will also try to make banners as well so if you'd like me to try that with an effect let me know I'll also try my best to find anything that someone wants (I have quite a lot of free time)

Hope this adds a few more options to the choices.

MystMoonstruck 05-14-2009 06:53 AM

I love these, Natalia! You know I've been commenting about your moving signature! I've seen gifs (I think they're called) and find them fascinating. When I had the other laptop, I had a shortcut to this place that instructed people on how to make glitter images and moving ones. Sadly, I lost that when my first PC died and have never found it again.

It's absolute magic! Do you have to have a special program? I think I like the water reflection the best, but I might change my mind if I saw Water Drop, Rain, Snow and Hearts. Show us more~much more! I find this absolutely enthralling and catch myself staring at your banner each time it's anywhere near where I'm posting/RPing. Hey! I'm ADHD! Give me a bright, shiny, and/or moving object, and I'm mesmerized! Ooh! Sparkly! Shiny! Colorful! Moving! Oooh! *giggle*

By the way: ~*A Witching Effect*~ is a wonderful title for your thread! When I saw it, I wondered, "Is she going to display more graphics like her banner?" Yes! Yes! Yes!

Again, please do many more of them to your heart's content. I'd request one, but I'm not sure what I would like it to be like.

witch 05-14-2009 07:22 AM

LOL thanks Myst and also thankyou for being the first (aside from me) to post a comment here it was because of your asking me about my banner before that I though more people may like it.

To answer your question no it doesn't take a program to do this but it does take a look of looking to get the different effect and a to change the colour and sizes and I can do glitters to (just to let you all know)


Here are some more effects:

And yes there are still more to come.

MystMoonstruck 05-14-2009 07:31 AM

I definitely love the snow! I was born in late December, and I love snowfall, especially now that I no longer work and don't have to get out in it. (How selfish!) I'd like to have that on a banner if I ever can find the right sort of picture(s). It still looks very much like magic to me, but the reflection in the water is still my favorite of all of them! I'll bet Pyro would LOVE the fire effect! I once used a fiery background and received praise from Pyromaniac, but it took me a bit to connect the screen name and fire. Big duh, true?! *giggle* Now, we need to be shown Rain and Water Drop! I love water, especially fountains, rivers, creeks, and cascades, so I'm sure I'll find them fascinating.

Also, please do some glitters! I collected some gifs in my Photobucket folder and love to visit them for a staring session occasionally. I simply cannot understand how they're done, even after I read instructions at that now-lost site. I've subscribed to your thread so that I'll be sure to see all of the updates. I'm definitely a fan!

witch 05-14-2009 07:48 AM

I am so glad you like them so much Myst I shall be adding the glitters soon as I am still playing around with them as sometimes they seem to work while others don't.

As for the banner you had with fire (another I don't remember seeing) I wonder what it would look like with the fire effect.

Per your request I have just wipe up the droplet and the rain so here they are.


MystMoonstruck 05-14-2009 08:48 AM

Oh! I love those, too! But, the reflection remains my favorite, with snow in second place. I found a rainy scene on the Champs Elysees that would look neat with that rain effect! I really like the water drop especially because of the mermaid.

Wow! If I could do SFX in GFX (translation: special effects in graphics), I would be compulsively doing them so much that I would get behind in everything! That's how much they amaze me. I simply can't imagine having the ability to create "motion magic". How enchanting!

I've collected a few images in Photobucket, including these:

I'm older than most people at TPO, and I'm still awfully new to the Net and to the world of electronics. Forgive me if I'm totally in awe of these creations! The first time I ever saw one, you can imagine how awestruck I was! Actually, one showed up in my mailbox, and I posted it at the start of my second art thread, if I recall correctly. It's a rose with its reflection, one of the most beautiful yet simple images I've seen.

I'm going to love visiting this thread to look at these "prettyful" pictures!

witch 05-14-2009 09:03 AM

I love them to they add something more to the pictures like Mark with the fire and lightning they sort of remind me of his moods in a way the fire building up inside him and the lightning how quickly he can strike and change.

The reflection sort of reminds me of Easy how he doesn't seem to know where he is or who he is water's washing away the layers.

Since your late reply I did a glitter and I must say I don't really like the results so I'm going to look around and see if I can find an old link I had that may help.


I found a rainy scene on the Champs Elysees that would look neat with that rain effect!
You'll have to send me the pic so I can do it as I to now wonder what it would look like and as for the drop well... a mermaid just seemed to suit.

MystMoonstruck 05-14-2009 09:18 AM

I'll transfer some interesting pictures to Photobucket so that I can give you links to those images to see what you can do with them. I imagine that you then can save them to work on, right? I think I'm starting to understand bits of this.

I was wondering: Could having the images instead of links be causing problems? As I'm typing, the box keeps jumping to the bottom of the page as I try to type, and it's never done that before. I wasn't sure if you need links instead of the actual image. Maybe it's my laptop and the images; it won't let about half of them show up at times, and the page keeps jogging downwards. Is it just me having this problem? If so, don't worry about it. I know that usually they ask us to post links instead of showing the full-size image.

EDIT: After I submitted my post, the page continues to jerk up and down a lot. It hasn't been doing this anywhere else. Could I just be having problems with loading these images for some reason?

witch 05-14-2009 09:22 AM

It isn't just you so tomorrow what I might do is thumbnail them and then do the links instead which will help with that little problem.

In answer to your question yes I can save images so just send me those pic's when you have the chance.

MystMoonstruck 05-14-2009 12:08 PM

Instead of a thumbnail, you could place links, then we can see the full-size image~unless you know how to make thumbnails that enlarge. I really don't know a lot about the variations. I do know it took a very long time for this page to load, so it probably would be best to change from full-size images.

Here's a banner I made for Venetian Carnivale in which I used a flame background. I think I might have a couple of others, including the new one of Leon LeBeau that also have flames as the background art:

04:45 AM

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