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Well my, my, my, time does fly. Kinda hard to believe that it's time to put this thread to rest for a new one. Big thank you to all you lovely peeps that have made it possible. Literally couldn't have been that way without ya.

That being said, just to do a final post, I've got several new graphics to dump:

Signature and Avies for charries of mine at PE and PB:
Tatyana Sig~Avie Set
Jay Sig~Avie Set

OOC Headers for the above charries and one for Mack's (which if you're reading this, Mack, I DID finally finish and...IM sometime about the sig and avie, k?) :
Tatyana Header
Jay Header
Jericho Header

And lastly, an extremely random wallie I did of the ever-lovely Scarlett Johanson after a movie night of The Other Boleyn Girl:
Seeing Scarlett

And...that'll do it. Out with the old, in with the new thread. *skips off to make it*

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