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OMG! Raven and Vivien on a banner--a funny one at that--is sooooo great! I love it! That's really so cute though I'm not sure that he would call her that. Naturally, he'd have to sue the "rag" that printed it. *giggle* I'm not saying that Raven might not THINK the word, but he wouldn't say it. I'm honored!

It's fun doing in-joke banners, isn't it?

I especially like La Sorelli. The background color is very nice and very soothing and seems to suit the picture. It has a floaty, airy effect.

I also like the first promotional banner. It's very intriguing and plays on our memories of that particular very steamy song/number.

Your banners make me want to experiment even more with clipped images. I've done a few, but I'd like to try more because it makes for an interesting effect.

I'm enjoying studying all of your work. I love visiting others' art threads to see all the varying approaches there are.

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