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I Never Knew It ~ Chapter 10  Post [26] »

MEMO: Well nothing really to say. Um well if you have a friends that's a 'phan' please inform them if you enjoy this thread. I hope you all find this interesting...I guess...really just laid back today..more of tonight...ummm hope you enjoy!


“Melonie! What did my mother talk to you about? Was it about the notes?” Meg said as she ran up to me.

“Nothing, I don't want to talk about it.” I said sadly, apathy, and meekly. I still had dried up tears on the side of my cheek, but no one noticed.

When we were practicing our repertoire, I couldn't concentrate on anything. I just felt so miserable for Erik. And she had to tell me now! I couldn't wait to go down there and talk to him about it. I knew somehow that he couldn't get mad at me, no matter what Madame Giry said.

I ran up to my room half-way through dinner, I didn’t eat much. I couldn’t wait to see Erik. I really wanted to talk to him, about anything. Even though we’ve only known each other ever since early this morning, I loved it when he would talk to me; his voice was so deep and powerful, but yet so calming and serene.

My mind was running wild with thoughts and many other things. Until I realized that I was thinking a whole lot about Erik, I was thinking about him more than anything.

Why was he so easy to think about for me? How did find his way to my mind? But was he going to get to my heart, was the question to ask....what if too fast if at all?

Wait if at all…Mel? Whose side are you on? You can’t have that happen… right?

I couldn't let that happen! Then again, there was something about him that would make me think of him so much. But what, why, and how?

As I ran down the hallway with all my thoughts wandering about, I thought that I heard something so she stopped.

Now that's just silly...What could I possibly be afraid of now?

Just as I thought that nothing could possibly go wrong, I felt someone, or something, grab my wrist. Whatever it was, it was warm, so warm it sent shivers down my spine.

What the bloody hell was that?

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~


I had no idea what just made me grab her wrist out of no where...

What happened to saying, 'Hello, are you doing?..How has your day been before I just randomly grabbed your wrist?' 'Oh, that just delightful!'

"Who's there?" she asked.

I then thought I hear someone coming up the creaky, wooden stairs, so I did the most instinctive thing that came to mind first. I pulled Melonie closer to me and pushed back against the wall. Pulling her closer so no one would see my 'return'--as they would say.

I immediately took in her scent of hair...a light breeze, if you will, of lavander and like a rose...and the way she felt as I pulled her against me made my face redden a bit, but only a bit...I suppose...right?

The way she fitted perfectly in my was...

Hell I have gotten none the least the slightest idea....

She was about to say something else, but I covered her mouth before she could mutter anything!

Her lips were soft...and...and.

Is there something that I can do without thinking about how Melonie is?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*


“Who's there?” I managed to stutter out loud. I was frightened, and I did dare to look behind. Then all of a sudden, who ever it was pulled me against their chest as they pressed against a wall to hide in the shadow. I was surprise that they pulled me like that. All of a sudden, they then covered my mouth from saying anything further. Then they started to say something to me.

“Shhh, it me....” The voice was so familiar said near my ear. I broke from their grasp when they let their grasp loose. I turned around and saw Erik. I took in a sigh of relief; I was shaking.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” He said.

I saw the look in his eyes. He looked really sorry for scaring her. “That's okay.” I said putting a hand to her chest, feeling the rise and fall of my jugular, “You know how to keep a girl on her toes, don't you?” she said smiling, recovered from her fear.

“I didn't mean to do that...I just wanted to talk to you about what Madame Giry....”

“Same here....." I said cutting him off. Just then we heard foot step coming up the stair, “Someone's coming! What do we do...?” I whispered worriedly.

“Follow me....” Erik said quickly as he grabbed my wrist again.

“Where?” I said trying to stop him before he could drag me any further.

“You room, through the mirror.” Erik said quietly as he dragged I up the stairs to my room.

It was so quick, but then again I could catch every detail and moment of it.

He was so adventurous; there was always something there to think about when I was around him. Whether there something to be excited, sad, or mournful, I shared that emotion with Erik.

When we made it to the door of my room we didn't hear anyone coming anymore, we looked around quickly and went quickly into the door; I still wanted to go see Erik's home again. As we ran into the room I slammed the door behind us and locked it. I rested my head against the door as my recuperated myself. Erik then slid the mirror open, stepped in, and offered a hand to me.

I looked at him sweetly, smiled, and took his hand. It was still warm and tender, just as it was early that morning when they met..... No matter what, whether when he was in a hurry like when we were running up the stair or when we were calm, just like now. Or even a few moments age when he frightened me a bit with a dramatic appearace, no matter what his hands were always so warm.

And when he held me close to him and against him, I could have melted right into his arms. I was thinking these thoughts as they were walking through the mirror and through the tunnels that lead to Erik's lair.

As they were in the boat I thought about what Erik said before, talking about what Madame Giry told me about his past.

I tried to think of an interesting was of bringing it up, but soon something no so interesting came out, “Um, Erik?”

“Yes, Mon Animé?” Erik asked as he paddled the boat to his lair.

“What were you going to tell me about Madame Giry's talk to me about your past? Sorry to bring it up, if it makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to talk about it.......if you don't want to though I mean, and I...” Erik just smiled down to me, so I stopped talking.

“It's alright, when I'm with you it doesn't make me feel so bad.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“The way we've been though the same thing…that's how we understand each other. I only got mad at Christine because her words came out of pity. Yours come out of understanding. Besides, Christine's has had a perfect life when she was growing up, and now she's with Raoul and they probably have their child as one big happy family.” Erik said with sarcasm.

He still was angry at Christine for hurting him like that.

“Erik, well, I understand that Christine hurt you, but don't you think that you should forgive her?”

“Forgive? I'm not angry; I'm just mournful for my broken heart.”

“And angry, admit it Erik we all get angry. Even I do.”

“No I can't imagine you upset, you're too kind.”

“Are you saying you're not kind as well?” she said jokingly.

"I'm not kind at all...." He said quietly and sadly to himself.

I didn't know what to tell him until I remember early this morning, "Erik, you were the one that was helping me when I was crying last night, remember? That's being kind...”

He only nodded in understanding.

"So we both are on the same page...." I fell into the silence....

"But, Melonie, you can talk to me about possibly can't offend me..." Erik said.

It made me feel good that I could talk to Erik about anything; I wanted him to feel comfortable around me.

We finally made it to Erik's home. As we stepped out of the boat, Erik lead me to sit down. I sat on the couch and he did so as well in an extra chair.

"So would it bother you if I asked you about your parents?" I asked quietly.

"Of course not. I'm open to you, you're open to me, right?" he said reassuringly.

The thought of being 'open' to Erik, made I a bit nervous…..Open about what…I could he be so confident with his words..... "Right, so why were they so mean to you?" I asked quietly.

"Well, more of my mother. My father died before I was bored so I never was able to know him, but rested assured he would hate me too. Well, she was ashamed of me. She hated me. When I was about five she sold me to gypsies....they were nice to me. They taught me magic and spell.... they cased a spell upon me when I turned nine....I could never remember what they said though.

“I was eventually too much for them to handle. When I was eleven they sold me to a traveling circus of gypsies. That's where Madame Giry found me. Then she let me live under the Opera House, and I've lived here ever since. My home, but I was always alone no one to talk to, no one to care for, nothing to do, nothing! So I became interested in to music and started to teach myself how to play and I taught myself other traits of arts other than music such as design and visual art from watching the background painters and costume designers. But continued music as my main focus area. I was alright, living alone. Madame Giry would bring me something to eat that would last about two months. But one day, when I was about fourteen, she came…" his words were with hatred. I wandered why.

"Who's 'she'?" I said confused.

"Christine..." He said blankly.

"Oh..." I found myself being hurt when Erik talked about her.…

"She was just about seven. I would watch her, like her angel, just as she thought. At night I would hear her talking and praying to her father about her Angel of Music, and she would ask him when would he send him and things like that. I would sing to her at night and she would lie in bed and listen to me.....and then last year, I thought of the brilliant plan: to become her Angel of Music.” He said with more sarcasm than you ever could have imagined. His words turned from sarcasm to sadness everywhere you looked, “But now I know it was just a horrible mistake. I was just a fool, I was so eager to find love...." Erik began to get caught into him words....“I'm sorry for mentioning this; I must be boring you to death…”

"No, actually I find it rather interesting...." I lied. I wanted to know more about his feelings for Christine...but why was I investigating behind their encounter a little to much? "What other things happened between you two..." I questioned; as much as I was against Christine, I wanted to know how well Erik and Christine 'knew' each other.....

Apparently I hid the meaning of her question very well for he didn't notice the meaning behind my words, "I don't know, but when she became older into her womanhood...I became attracted to her...." He said with complete loathing in his voice.

"Did you ever love her?" I asked him wistfully. Even thought it wasn't found in my words, I hated it when I thought of Erik being in love with Christine, but why?

Erik sounded very honest and solemn with his words, for he has seen there was no point in going through all of the trouble to try to win Christine's heart over the one true person she loved, "No, I now know that it was just a mere obsession, actually it was even less...."

Even though I hated the thought of Erik loving her, I felt bad for him and all the trouble that he had to go through until he really saw the truth. I hated Christine for that, “Did she even give you a chance? At least get to know you a bit…the real you?” I asked.

“No, I'm glad too….she really deserves to be with who ever she wants. We all in this world need that chance though…..”

"You got that right…but, you have to admit, she is rather beautiful though…very much like in the newspaper I suppose. Perhaps even more…” I said recalling a picture from the newspaper.

"No, I know someone one else that she possibly couldn't compare to what you call her beautiful..." He said confidently.

"Who?" I didn't know that Erik would find anyone else appealing besides Christine....

"I'll give you a hint...she's my best friend...." Erik said and smiled at me...I knew that I was Erik's only friend, but was he really thinking of me as beautiful?

"Are you referring to me as pretty?" I said modestly.

" are beautiful....." His words so confident.....

I started to blush a little....and then a lot! He finds me beautiful?

"Aww, thank you, that's the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me in my entire life, you know!"

"Really? Didn't you have a love back in Ireland?" He sounded as if he expected me to have a love.

Where has he been?

"God, no!" I said with a little laugh, "I guess men in Ireland don't really like the headstrong, Filipina type, so no. I was the girl of my friends that was headstrong and alone most of the time. Never had a 'love' as my friends called them.....but those would only last about....what? Two day? Two week? So what's the point...I've wanted a solid love...something couldn't be broken. My friends would urge though." I said as I grudged as the thought.

"Did it work out alright?" He asked.

"Are you joking? I didn't favor any one of those stupid boys at school. Perhaps I‘ve scared them from beating them up with they hurt my friends..." I said in aggravation.

I supposed that he found that amusing for he chuckled a bit, "What type of girl where you then? Have you changed at all?"

"I haven't changed at one bit, my good Misour! I was the different girl among my they would walk with their so called 'beloved's' everyday after school, I would just sit in my favorite tree and write in my journal..."

"What did you write about?"

"I would write stories, lyrics, poems...anything I could get out of my mind...just to express myself." I said remembering when I would get in trouble with the nuns at the orphanage for staying out too late.

"What type of stories..."

"Adventure with a bit of drama, but mostly with romance. Oh, how I wished that someone would fall in love with me, like the women in my books did...And I would love that man back with all of my heart....." I said wistfully, but then turned the arrow around, "but what are the chances of that happening, hum?"

My eyes wandered around Erik’s home, but before I could know why, he started to cry. What did I do?

"Erik, please don't cry. Did I remind you something about Christine? I'm really and truly sorry..." I was truly sorry that Erik was sad about something, but what was it? Did I say something bad? Did it remind him of a bad memory?

Erik could just shake his head to show me he understood my sympathy.

I sat on both of my feet as I kneeled on the ground in front of Erik. I put a hand onto his cheek....his skin was simply warm, just as his hands...I felt tears running down his cheek to my hand. "It's alright, Erik....I'm here for you! And I always will be. No matter what happens, I'll be here when you think no one cares.....I'll be that true friend for you....."

Erik could just look at her and ever so slightly nod his head.....

I couldn't stand it when Erik was crying. I immediately reached up to him and flung my arms around him.

"Aww, Erik....It's alright...crying is good for the heart," I pulled away from him and looked deeply into eyes. I once again was drowning in his deep sea eyes. I began to stand up, "Here, you look tired, you need your rest as well....I'll put you bed," she said as I offer him a hand.

He took it and I helped him stand up. I faced him as I took both of his hands...I walked facing him as Erik followed me to his bed. I finally sat him on the bed. I took off his jacket and vest for him.

I feel shamefully nervous about this...but why?

I then helped him take off his shoes. I opened the covers for him and helped him under his sheets. He rested his head in his pillow and faced me. I held a hand on his cheek. I then softly sang my mother’s lullaby to me from so long ago. I softly stroked his cheek and I helped him go to sleep.....

He finally went to sleep. I then wrote him a short note for him in the morning.

Dear Erik,

Good morning, I hope you slept well. I'm really sorry if I said anything that made you feel sad and made you cry last night. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll try my best to come see you today. Maybe after dinner. Well, thank you for everything, and have a good day again.

Your best friend,

Melonie O'Riley

I looked at Erik as I put the note beside him. "Thank you again..." I whispered......

I knew that I cared for Erik, but would there be something more.....He possibly can't.....and I can't think that way!

But I had to admit, Erik was rather attractive, from his unforgettable face, to handsome, manly figure, to his shy, yet outgoing personality, to his perfect smile and sly smirk. Everything about him made me blush just thinking about him.

Urgh great, my life is in slow motion...right now I'm feeling like I'm back in 8th grade....just like my friends, falling for every which guy that was nice to them...urge! NO Mel, you must be can do can resist.....but you can't just go away and leave just promised....God what do I do!?' I didn't know what to do...'Alright, I'll stay.....but I can't fall! No matter what! No matter matter what happens, no matter what he does, not matter even how tempting it is....I can't FALL!

Thinking this, I started to leave his room, but just then I heard someone talking...."Good night, Melonie..." A faint voice spoke.

Just as I looked over my shoulder, I only saw Erik asleep, but still he was resituating himself in bed, but I knew that it was his voice, "Good night, Erik.....sweet dreams...." I whispered to him as I walked out of his home.

He's incredibly sweet to just wake up to say that to tired as he looked.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*


I walked through my mirror, and then finally knew that I could not get him off my mind...he was engraved into my mind...but how did he get fast? He even broke through my promise. I was mortified!

He was so intoxicating, deep, and tempting....but how? Was I the only woman in this world that thought this.....because if I wasn't, Erik wouldn't be feared of anybody...especially women....he was so attractive to me.

I began to think out loud, "So he isn't attractive to other women....except me? Hold on! Wait...why am I thinking like that....I only wish it was like that...where did this thought even come from? My God, help me!” I whispered to myself. My broken apart, scattered words started to torture my mind.

I don't know how long this promise of mine was going to hold this grudge, but I have to stand strong. But was I just going to give in later? There was no point in it if I was going to succumb to him eventually to do that….NO!

"My God, what a day could do to a woman in this little time...." I sighed. I tried to get my mind off of Erik.....but how?

I then started to think about my parents. I remembered the time that we’d fool around and just joke around....laughing, talking, and everything, but Erik was so much like my father. I couldn't think of anything else to do...I just had to let it be done to me. But was I just making myself do this, or was God telling my mind to do this. Which one?

"How could I do this to myself? God, I know I've been praying for that certain special someone, but now isn't the best time. I really don't think it's the right time at all. I just want to have a regular job like a regular woman in any life, not one that is caught up into relationship mess. Hold on! WAIT!! Relationship?" I had to think about this all...was I falling?.….falling into his trap?

"My God, what's happening to the old Melonie...?”

I couldn't think straight, my mind was trying to think about something else that didn't have to do with Erik, but it always curved back to him. I finally fell asleep thinking that my thoughts about Erik were finally over....little did I know, they were just beginning.

We were angels once, don't you remember? Joys in life, inside our souls; and nobody knows, just you and me. It's our secret.
And your child-like eyes, and your distant smile; I'll never be this happy again! You and I. And no one else. || Maybe he'll come today. Maybe he came already...
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