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Oh! That's just the sort of effect that I would love to be able to do! Glowing lights--stars--shimmers--all sorts of light-bright effects... *SIGH* Perhaps it is never to be.

Ummmm... Creative genius?! Where? Who? What? ME?!?! Thank you, Rowan, 'cause that is amazingly sweet. I'll still be honored--and astonished--should you use my banners now and in the future. It's fun to see The Dancing Seamstress and recall Lelia's encounter with Raven. Gosh! We have an in-joke! They'll have to read the Bistro posts to "get it", won't they? That's where they met, isn't it--at the Bistro? I tend to mix up that place and "Roses".

Are the words on the comet banner a quote? If so, where are they from? See? Now I know how other people feel when they ask where words on MY banners come from. I'm determined to provide the source each time--if I can remember.

I request that you do more like that POTO banner with the three poses. It reminds me of those flip-books; when you flip the pages, the figures look as if they are moving. As I look from pose to pose, it's like that. Cool!

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