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TPO Banner Contest  Post [1]

Banner makers ahoy! Get your creative caps on!

Welcome to the TPO banner competitions!

The idea of this challenge is to submit banners (up to three for each contest) on a set subject. The submitted banners will then be placed on the site as a poll, where any TPO member or mod can vote for their favourite. When the week ends the poll will be closed and the winner awarded 30 roses :)

Two weeks will be given for entries to be submitted. A further week will then be allowed for the banners to be judged.

This Round's Banner Specifications/Subject: - Hate Is a Strong Word But I Really Really Really Don't Like You
Entries to be submitted: Extended to Saturday the 31st of May

Once your banner(s) are made, upload them on
Account username: tpobanners
Account password: tpobanners

Then PM the link to Erik, so I know who's is who when it comes to awarding prizes.

The idea of the photobucket account is so that voters do not know who's banner it is, therefore can show no favouritism for a friend. So, do not name your banners with your username included.

You must not vote for your own banner.

Please PM all entry URLs to me once you have uploaded them onto photobucket. Thank you.

Please participate if you can! We would love to see your creative minds at work!

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