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Question---can you use Paintshop Pro 6 Brushes with Paintshop Pro 7?
The Answer, Yes you can. Just download them normally (If you don't know how, Save to the brushes folder...

C Drive > Program File > Paint Shop Pro > Brushes
(If you use Photoshop, then after Program File it should be in Adobe > Photoshop > Brushes )

If you find it doesn't work or whatever, then normally when installing the program it will come with a brush conversion thing (I've never used it) But it should also work. Just test and you'll find out... TYhough you might find yourself having to move a lot of brushes around...

Another little useful tidbit. IF it doesn't work, then make stamps (meaning, just use the brush (a dark colour) against a white backround. Save the image and open in PSP7, from there, use the 'Magic Wand' Tool to creat a selection of the white area. Go to Selections > Invert and then open to the brushes > Custom > Create (It's a little trick I like to use for getting some brushes from photoshop to PSP or the other way around)

There is a lot there. I'm sorry if it's not clear. If you need help PM and I'll be happy to help you a little better okay. ;)

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