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I know Kay did it, but it's hard for me to think of reading a POTO based novel without Erik and Christine eventually finding their way through to a happy ending. I can't see Erik and Meg getting together *shudder*. I also picture Erik as a tortured soul seeking love and redemption, like tiannangel pointed out, Erik should not be this perfect guy with only a mask on his face, except he must be a genius, well groomed with that gorgeous broad brimmed hat and cloak, and be a genius, of course! Well, maybe the ending doesn't have to be always happy, great tragedy makes great literature, but I would like to see Christine finally fall in love with Erik and not be afraid to admit it! Oh yes, the writer should do their research and try and write according to the times, etc, no modernisms in the text. Maybe I'm too picky and uppity? Nuts! It's hard to mess around with POTO and get it right. "Lover Never Dies" is ample proof of that! As someone once said, LND is poor fanfic with an expensive budget. LOL! (Sorry LND Phans.)

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