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What I Look For In A Phantom Of The Opera Fanfic....  Post [8] »

This question is really sort of hard to ask but I'll try my hand at it....
Gosh, you know, I don't really think I've thought about this but I think I can come up with a few things....let's see...
1. I genrally don't like POTO in modern times. Sorry, but no. The only way I'll maybe read one of these fics is if the writer can really do it well. Yeah, there is a fic on that comes to mind right now.
2. The writer has to have some book inspirations as well as the musical. I don't think a fic should be too heavy with book or musical. I think it should try and make it even between the two. I'll read an all book based fic as well as an all musical based fic, but only if it is written very well.
3. The writer has to draw me in from the first chapter and keep me that way through the entire fic as well as have it be a fic that I'd go back to and read more than once. There ar actually a few fanfics that are Titanic fanfics that I've read mennnnnny times.
4. I can say that without a doubt, that I'm a E/C shipper!!! I like those to be happy endings, or at least genrally happy not the cheesie sort of endings.
5. While I do like Erik to have some of his novel based personalities, I want for him to become loving and be able to love. Because, although he's a troubled man and a tormented one, I think he can become a sort of loving person. But, like many people have said, Erik just wouldn't be Erik if he's that all too perfect guy with nothing else wrong with him other than what he has hiding behind the mask he where's.
6. As far as sex seens go, I think since that this is set in 19th century, there's just some stuff that you leave for the readers too imagen. I'm not saying that you can't give suggestive discriptions of what your trying to write about without overkilling it. I'm not saying that people in 19th century didn't have sex, cause they did, but you know...
7. Do as much research as you can!! It doesn't have to be 100% spot on, but.... you are dealing with 19th century, after all.

Beneath the opera house, I know he's there.
He's with me on the stage, he's everywhere.
And when my song begins, I always find, the phantom of the opera is there, inside my mind.
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Are you so sure that a small jar would contain me, madame?
Three long years I've nelt in silence
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