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I hope this is the last time I have to do this (though if no one has anything to say about my graphics, it makes it kind of hard to avoid doing), but I have yet another update of banners to post, this time all of RP characters...

These two I did for my characters with objects that symbolize what they do (It's sappy, but sweet):

Music and Dancing

This one I did for the haaawwwt dancer Esperanza is with at the jazz club now, Alexander Sokoll:

And (Erika, I'm not obsessed with Jules...just Gaspard Ulliel!) what update would be complete without banners with Jules in it:
Brown Jules
Jules Window(This one as soon as I finished it, I just fell in love with it. Even though it's simple, I'm crazy about it for some reason...)

Anyway, like I said, I hate having to post after myself, so I'd really appreciate commentary on what you guys think of my work, and as always, I'm up for requests.

Aaaand, I made a phanvideo a while back and just felt like posting it here since it's gotten good reviews on youtube:
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