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I love the effects! It's interesting seeing how one image can be made to look so many different ways. I know some of these effects because I can do them on Print Shop. AND, as you said, they're legal to use at TPO! I'm surprised you haven't had visitors to check them out, but I think people have been busy elsewhere. My own art thread ground to a halt after being quite busy, so maybe it's that time of year. I want to look through them again, as it's interesting to compare effects.

I hope you'll do more of the others because at least you can link to them. They're legal that way, and they're very enjoyable. Feel free to treat us to more images!

I haven't forgotten your request for a banner with your three ladies, but I'm not sure I could do one as nice as the one you have now! I've never seen that Evea picture during my searches! Perhaps I need to seek some lookalikes.

Keep up the good work!

EDIT: I have to say that I'd love to see the Star Dust one done on other pictures or even banners. I'd like to see a larger example. Later, maybe I can return to point out others I especially like.

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