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Take Me To Paris!  Post [1]

This competition is unrelated to The Phantom of the Opera, but I thought it was nice anyway. Using your literary skills, you, the members, will be tour guides. You will take us on a tour of Paris, by foot, boat, plane, horseback, car, bus, train, kangaroo, I don't care. Just make sure it includes some of the more famous landmarks of Paris, and the more description the better!

You will be judged on your writing abilities (whether we can feel as though we are on the tour with you), style (how you include the landmarks), and information (it is easy to look up facts on the landmarks, and if you don't, we will, and we'll know you didn't!). You may choose to include humour, or make it entirely serious, make it in french, or make it in english. It is up to you, as you are the guide!

If participating, PM your entries to me, Erik, with the subject line "Take Me To Paris!", by June 1st, 2008.


First Place: Custom Avatar and 20 roses.
Second Place: Custom Avatar and 15 roses.
Third Place: Custom Avatar and 10 roses.

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