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Photo Essay Competition  Post [1]

This is the Photo Essay Competition. I rather enjoy photography, and I know a few of you members are accomplished photographers. The point of the pictures will change every time this competition is started. This is your task this month:

Using only photographs taken by yourself, no less than 5, no more than 15, demonstrate your idea of beauty. This can be anything you like. To help understand the ideas you are trying to communicate, you must send me a small explanation for every photograph. I will not look at these until after I have viewed your photos, so that I can get an unswayed first impression.

Consider camera placement, subject, how to make this theme of beauty your own, and other camera techniques. The more originality and creativity you show, the more likely you are to win.

You must send two PM's to me, Erik, by the deadline of June 1, 2008. Your first PM must be titled "Photo Essay Competition" and will contain your photographs or a link to your photobucket account. If it is a link to a photobucket account, please specify which photo's are for the competition or put them in a folder. The second PM must be titled "Photo Essay Competition Explanations" and they will, obviously, be your explanations. ;)

Have fun, and happy camera snapping to you all!

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