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*big happy gasp*

WOOOOOW! It's soooo pretty! I love the Tiffany picture and the Supernova! And the font!

*claps hands in glee*


Oh, and yeah, you need some sort of graphics editing program to make banners. Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP and Photoshop are some of the best. GIMP is the only one you don't have to pay a small fortune for, though. I use Image Ready, but I don't know how easy it is to get hold of.

*lightbuld pops up* Ting! I have a new idea! I'm sooo sorry to take up so much of your time, but I have another request. :D


Could you do a banner (not signature size) for ^that^ phic please? Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

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