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^_____^ I'm so glad you liked it!! You're quite welcome, dearie! :D

Now about your fanfic, first of all let me say I loved it! I left a review, actually, my name is 'Mysterious Mists99'. ;) Wonderful story.

Anyway, here's the banner for it! Whim

I used Aishwarya Rai for the slave girl because I think she played Esther in a recent movie...? Anyway, she has that sort of Persian look to her, so yeah. :p

The size is... 500x200, I believe, so it is bigger than the regulations here. And by the way, feel free anytime you want something to ask me. Even if it's just a whim, hehe. I love making these banners, really, and I don't exactly have the orders rolling in, so ask me anytime, dahling. :D

All I want is a second chance...

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