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I just had to visit to view all of the artistic banners and other graphics you've created! I recall suggesting that you make an art thread and am so happy that you did! There's room at TPO for many people, whose styles vary so widely. It's remarkable what can be done with simple programs, isn't it? Just think how prepared you will be should you ever get a more-complex one! I've been considering checking out the next step up from Print Shop if it's not too expensive. I tried a tiny bit of Microsoft Paint on my old laptop but never could figure it out. I'm not sure if I have anything like it on this PC.

I love the fonts and swirls on the "POTO" pictures! I already complimented you on the wonderful work you posted on the Character Portraits thread, including a banner of Raven. I've been wanting to try one of Evelyn, even one commemorating Evelyn and Raven's meeting at Brentano's though I'm not sure where we will end up with that one. Verrrry interesting...

I noticed Haley's banner immediately! So, you definitely do eye-catching work that I look forward to seeing more of very soon.

Good luck on your new art thread!

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