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Okay... as stated before I would like my art site to be a practice area for me with Photoshop as well as a potential AI list.

Here's the first set I'm going to play with.

Sean Maher | Sofia Vergara | Felicity Huffman | Diana Farr
Gina Torres | Adam Baldwin | Summer Glau | Jewel Staite
Alan Tudyk | Tamara Taylor | Brendan Fraser | Taye Diggs
Nathan Fillion | Christina Hendricks | Neil Patrick Harris | Cobie Smulders
Rob Morrow | David Krumholtz | Sabrina Lloyd | Emily Deschanel

And because I'm waiting for people who can supply me with brushes to play with... I created another group as well:

Sienna Miller | Hal Sparks | Bridget Moynahan | Sonya Walger
Ivana Milicevic | Famke Jensen | Tricia Helfer | Juliete Binoche
David Boreanaz | Vanessa Marcil | Sarah Alexander | Erika Christensen
Navi Rawat | Caterina Murino | Peter Paige | Franka Potente
Randy Harrison | Gale Harold | Lucy Lawless | Grace Park

Since no one has yet seen fit to visit my little corner... I have added a link above to my first attempt to play around up under her name... But cause I'm actually kinda happy with how it turned out so I'm also posting it here:

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