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I'm close to blowing a bannery, photoshop-y load. I'm terribly sorry for the wait, you can all blame me getting sick, my rehearsals, exams, and various other school-related reasons. I'm quite close to being finished school so here is the first wave of banners m'dears.

TIAN. You have made me discover the wonders of Adrien Brody and Alexis Bledel. omg. they're amazing to work with. However, I personally thing v.2 is a tad crap-tastic, but otherwise, Adrian is lurrrvly.

Thomas v.1
Thomas v.2
Thomas v.3
Vaylin v.1
Vaylin v.2
Vaylin v.3
Sorsha Header

OMG! okay... so the rest of the Sorsha banner's are coming later, possibly tomorrow Lee, my love. I'm just going to keel over and get some sleep now okiedays? okiedays. ERICA! Your lovely banner is not forgotten. :D I'm workin' on it, okees? I PROMISE. I still need sleep.

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