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Elizabeth Webster  Post [1]

Username: Oiseau de Chanson

Character: Elizabeth Webster

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Occupation: Secretary to Monsieur Aurelien Renard
Appearance: Elizabeth is a very plain girl, that doesn't really like to dress up, but when she does, it's an amazing transformation. She has reddish brown hair that she keeps tied back, and brown eyes. She's average height and weight. All in all one would say that she is an average looking girl, and they would be right.

Personality: Elizabeth is a quiet, nonconfrontational secretary who is very good at the "yes, sir"'s and "right away, ma'am"'s. She doesn't like to stand out, but has secret desires to be glamorous and to break away from her dull occupation. She is an organizational wizard, and has an amazing memory, which comes in handy when working with not-so-organized employers. She is overall a sweet girl, who doesn't like to get on people's bad sides. in fact, she has the tendency to be intimidated by people who have large personalities, and is not very bold. She can sometimes be pushed around, not wanting to assert herself for fear of displeasing people.

History: Elizabeth Ann Webster was born August 2, 1981 in a small suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. Her parents, Richard and Kathy Webster, raised her in a normal suburban home, were active in the PTA, participated in the neighborhood book clubs, and sang in the church choir. All in all the Webster's led a normal life. In May 1989, their second daughter, Celia, was born. They raised her much as they had Elizabeth, and hoped that she would respond the same way Elizabeth had. Celia began life as a normal child, and Elizabeth did her best to care for her sister, being very protective of her sister's innocence.

They were the ideal sister pair, sweet and caring, telling each other everything. In 2005, when Celia began her junior year in high school, and Elizabeth moved out of their house to get her own apartment (much too late, she thought), Celia began being more and more distant from her family and her sister, to whom before she could tell anything. She began coming home late, sneaking out of the house, and hanging out with a different crowd than she had been during her middle and early high school years. Elizabeth grew worried about her sister, who no longer always returned her text messages and phone calls as she had before. It wasn't until a year later that Elizabeth discovered that she was spiraling down a path of drug addiction that could only lead nowhere.

When Elizabeth found out, she confronted her sister about it, wanting very much to help her, or at least get some help for her. Celia refused her help, and stormed out of Elizabeth's apartment, saying she was late to meet her boyfriend. This was the last time that Elizabeth saw her sister. Celia was found dead in an alley, having overdosed on heroin. Her "friends" had abandoned her after she died in their prescence. Her boyfriend was never found, but it was believed that he and a couple of his friends had given her the drugs, possibly from the beginning of her addiction.

Since Celia's death, Elizabeth has felt incomplete. Celia had been her best friend for so many years, and she has yet to completely let go.

Elizabeth went to an employment agency, equipped with a 120 word-per-minute typing speed, a knack for organization, and a will to succeed. When the agency told her there was a job available in Paris, she was a little reluctant to leave her parents, but was eager to travel, Paris being one of her dream destinations since she was a little girl.

Other: Elizabeth is portrayed by Jenna Fischer. Goes by Liz sometimes.

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