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Old 02-02-2012 at 02:24 PM
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And Black to Red::::Leffie's art and graphics!  Post [1] »

Hello there! I make graphics a lot, and I'm also an artist, but I do graphics more often, so that's mostly what will be here, unless I feel like drawing something or other. Here are some examples of my work, and if you want to request from me, feel free! Note: These signatures are rather large, considering I made them for boards that have a higher height limit for sigs. So I'll link them all, rather than put them as an image.

Chronological order, earliest to latest:

Sherlock Holmes
Dr. John Watson
Winged Cupid
James Moriarty
Little Lotte
The Black Butterfly
Banner for my Phantom Roleplay site
Christine Ellen Daaé
Princess Evelyn Quinn
Lydia Talise Constanzi
The Oh! La La Girl
Christine Lilla Daaé
Phantom Manor banner
James Moriarty 2

I have many more, but these are the most recent, photoshopped ones. Used to use Paint Shop Pro, but no more! xD If you like my work, feel free to request! :3

EDIT: Almost forgot, some of the transparent signatures you can't see all of, because they only look best against dark backgrounds (because of some white extensions).
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