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Sculpted Angels Guidelines [Revised Sept. 04, 2005]  Post [1] »

Passing Bells, and Sculpted Angels… Cold and Monumental.

Welcome to Sculpted Angeks, the Fan Art section of The Phantom’s Opera. Before you show off your masterpieces there are a few rules that we must ask you to follow! They are very simple and will keep you enjoying this section for a long time.
  • Create only one thread for all of your artwork, banners, blends, etc. The only way you can start a new thread is if your thread had reached over 200 posts. Start a new one, and a mod will come along soon and close your old one. Threads may be archived every now and then, so please save your threads to decrease the risk of losing the links to your art work.
  • Make sure that you understand that there are young people on the boards. If you are going to be posting any artwork that may be unsuitable for younger audiences with graphic imagies, please include proper ratings in the thread title.
  • Don't claim other's work your own. If you love it, but it isn't yours, give proper credit to the creator. They worked hard to do what they did, and you swiping it is wrong. In this tense, please do not post artwork that is not yours! If they want to post it, they will!
  • When posting in other people's threads, please give them constructive criticism instead of useless spam. Acceptable - "I liked the way you blended the two photos of Erik together to show both of his sides. Unacceptible - "Cool sigs! Love them! Please post more!!!"
As issues arise, the artwork guidelines will be edited and revised, otherwise enjoy!
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