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Cara's True Story  Post [1] ╗

Hey all,
For awhile now I have been thinking of taking all the posts I have made here and turning them into a story. I have started with Cara as she is the most advanced and I never thought that she'd turn out the way she has.
This will be a story that includes all her threads and everyone who has written threads with Cara (though that will take time)

It's told from her point of view and I will be making changes as I think of titles, wording and such. There will be mistakes and notes so please bear that in mind. Also if you'd like to comment please feel free.

I hope you enjoy Cara story.

Now that I start writing this a little more I see it may be hard to get the other characters into the plot with what was actually written for them at the time. With having it being told from Cara's point of view (first person) I have to change things around a little. So...

I would like people to vote.

I am going to write a second version of the full story where someone else is telling the story (not sure who yet but maybe just third person)

So please P.M me with your votes.

Thanks and happy reading

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Name: Natalia | Gender: Female | Posts: 2,745 | Roses: 50
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 Post [2] ╗

[[Cara's True Story]]

Intro 1: Paris. The city of love and music. The city of the famed Opera Ghost and the ruins that remained but who would have thought that with death came new beginnings? That the phonix/fames would rise again and with it a new phantom to fit into the wood works of the Opera House. But with new beginnings came new players and this time the Phantom wasn't alone and Eric wasn't just a man but a demon shearing his soul with that of a human. A human who knew nothing of love aside from his family whom he had lost in ways that took away trust, a human whom saw himself as a monster and never dared hope for the day where his world of darkness would face the light.

[[The Opera Stage, it had once been my home away from home my heaven and my salvation but that had been a year ago brefore everything had changed and my father was still alive when I hadn't taken a year off, now... now everything had changed.

My names Cara, Cara Amalija Andovea though that in time would change to. I was Russian, though raised in Paris thanks to my {prima donna} ballet dancer mother star of the life changeing Opera Populaire. She was the one that sparked my passion in dance, the one that thaught me and in a way set me on my course but it was the man in my life, my best friend that seemed to mold my heart.

It was hard not to think about my father as I got ready to go on stage for after my year off I knew I'd be nothing like the swan my father claimed me to be. I knew my weaker left ankle would be a problem and so would be holding back the tears but after tying the bow on my toe shoe and a deep breath I knew that life had to go on and so did I... Easier said then done.]]

Not when it felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders and that every opera never ended in a death it was not something I wanted to be remined of when I was ment to be focused on what lay ahead what had once been my passion and my calling.]

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Name: Natalia | Gender: Female | Posts: 2,745 | Roses: 50
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 Post [3] ╗

Version 1 Scene 1: [["Deep breath" the words of both my parents circled in my mind before I realized I had spoken them out loud]] pulling breath into my lungs and brushing a lock of my chocolate brown hair aside.


Version 2 Scene 1: ["Deep breath" the words of both my parents circled in my mind before I realized I had said them out loud though no one would hear me thanks to the soft music that filled the opera stage.

Not that anyone would take notice of the lone girl within the darkness. On stage I could show all myself, be myself while acting that of the role of another character it was when it came to life that I didn't have any friends and that my true shyness showed. Though now was not the time for shyness as I waited for my cue for I would leave behind the protection of the red velvet curtains and the seeking spotlight would soon fall upon me making me worry I was not like Vasily Ludyuk whom continued to sing the role of Eugene Onegin. I knew my now autopilot steeps were no where near as valued as his baritone gifted voice, I knew I didn't show the same passion as I had a year ago as Vasily showed, even in his death]

__________________________________________________ _

Version 3 Scene 1 : [For though the spotlight loomed ahead I craved the safety of the red velvet curtains and the darkness that fell upon me even as the cord of my intro sounded.

I feared that I was no longer who I used to be, no longer the girl that held passion in her heart for her dancing unlike Vasily Ladyuk singing the role of Eugene Onegin. I knew my steeps were no longer as treasured of his baritone voice that seemed so haunting even in his dying breath]


Version 4 Scene 1: ["Deep breath" the words of both my parents circled in my mind before I realized I had repeated them aloud. "You can do this" I knew I could but I couldn't help but doubt not when there was no one to cheer me on, no one to truly dance for no one to give my the flight or passion. It was not like I had any friends to cheer me on not when I spent most of my spear time within the darkness a mere shadow of what I had once been on stage, I only had myself to blame that and my shyness. Instead I craved the safety of the red velvet curtains dreading the spotlight and what lay ahead even as the music changed. I knew I no longer held the valued steeps that I once had unlike Vasily Ladyuk, I knew I no longer held the passion like he did as he sang in his baritone voice, I knew I could no longer convay the message that I needed to as I tried to hold back the tears unlike Vasily even in his dying breath.

But as one thing ends another one starts and the music and spotlight called for me and so this was it, my returned to the stage.

From stage left I JetÚd (leapt) onto the stage my solo making me feel even more alone though if I had taken the time to notice or if I could feel anything but the emptiness inside I wasn't. For as arms moved in different positions along with my legs I didn't feel the eyes on a man watching me or know what he was thinking as I tried to give off the illusion of flight for if I did I may have known that I had piqued his interest and that he sort me out.

I could only imagine what ran through his mind as he observed me. Here I was dancing alone it had to mean something for I would be joined later by other dancers. I was one of the youngest my youth powered face still giving me away. Did he think I was beautiful? It was something I couldn't tell for I never thought myself that way and men certainly never looked at me twice. Did he know I had trained in dance my whole life did my prancing, twirls and natural glide give me away or... did he actually see beyond that did he see that I needed worked, that my technique wasn't everything it should be?

If I had been watching I would have noticed him leave his seat and then the area as I ended my dance, would have seen him exit into the tourist filled foyer and came back through the stage door the security guard letting him pass with a simple nod of both their heads. It was as I made my way back stage and into the corridors that he did to where he waited for what I'd later find out was me he leaning up against one of the tall columns arms crossed upon his chest his mind a wonder over the girl he had just found to answer his cry to fame.]

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Name: Natalia | Gender: Female | Posts: 2,745 | Roses: 50
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 Post [4] ╗

Upon trying to work in detail I (like I said above) have started to write a version That is still Cara's story but written from a third person point of view.
I also ask that you send me your votes in which you guys/girls like better via P.M.
Note: this version isn't as far ahead yet as the other as I have only just started it and have been adding, researching more detail.

Hope you enjoy.

__________________________________________________ _________

Cara's Story In Re-Written Form

Intro 1: [We had all heard the tale of the Phantom of the Opera the man that lived in darkness, who craved for love and was misunderstood it was kind of hard to miss when you grew up in the rebuilt Opera House a feat which on one would have believed until they saw it. The rumours still went round even now and no one really knew if the phantom was still alive or not for after all that had been back in 1870 and it was now 2008 though I had lived in the Opera House since I was born.

I can't tell you whether the man known as the Opera Ghost lived or not, I can tell you that his dark domain (Sweet Music's Throne) is real, I can tell you that there was a fire and I can tell you that Raoul and Christine did very much live the proof of that belonged to the year 1917 but this isn't their story it's mine where some would say that the story of the Phantom was re written and the pages of Beauty and the Beast held no candle near us. This is my story a tail of hard ship, love, lose and though there is no phantom there is a demon so I welcome you to this. The Demon of the Opera...]

Version 1 Scene 1: It had been a year since Cara Andovea had been back to Paris the place she had once called her home but that now felt strange and empty, somewhat like her inner heart. The lose of her father had been a grave upset for he wasn't only part of who she was, he was her hero and her best friend. She had gone back to her home land in Russia to be with her mother through this trying time though her mother had seemed to move on faster then her daughter. She had remarried again, something that Cara didn't quite understand so soon and was proven right when divorce come only a few months later. Like Cara the man had seen that her mother wasn't as together as she had claimed to be, wasn't as over her first husband as she thought and how could she be when Cara heard her mother crying herself to sleep every night, calling out his name?

This was part of the reason Cara had came back. To help herself move on and to give her mother space but there was also another reason, now with Mr Andovea gone it was up to Cara to pay their way and make ends met for the family since her mother had long retired. Luckily the sixteen year old had a job that paid well, though she was still learning. It was the job her mother had, had long ago before she had married. That being a job of a ballet dancer at the famous Opera Populair.

Now one could call into question how this was so when it was rumoured that back in 1919 the Opera House was still as it had been after the fire. For so long the story of the Opera Ghost went around in circles, some claiming him to be dead while others said he still lived in the underground tunnels that had been his domain ever since Madame Giry had saved his life. Others... others still claimed him to be looking for his long lost love though Christine had died years ago but a flesh and blood phantom couldn't live forever and so with death the riddle would be forever that.

This may have been the reason for the Opera Houses re awakening, the waiting of the truth for years before the Opera House reopened search teams flocked the maze that were the tunnels looking for... well, what ever they could find. They found nothing. No mask, no music nothing to really lay claim to the myth not even Sweet Music's Throne which was restored a good while later.

It was in the searching that gossip arose and one subject seemed to be on everyone lips with the Opera Doors now open would they remain that way? And it was with that one man saying 'yes' that the Opera Populair lived again along with the world of music, song and dance. Now that was the reason Cara was here, that along with following the footsteps of her mother and a wanting of flight and freedom that she only seemed to get in dance. Of course this only grew with her fathers watching eye always smiling and praising her progress watching her every steep with a joy that lightened Cara's heart, it was the same with her mother though her smiling praise was a little different along with a little more harsh. One would therefore claim she was her father's little girl not that it stopped her from wearing both her parents around her neck in an ever present locket that hung to the hollow of her breast bone.

It was in her dancing that Cara came out of her shyness, for it was truly the only time that she showed herself and let the eyes of the world pass away without worry. Sure she knew that eyes were on her (even now) but when dancing the rest of the world simply slipped away.

Mr Evrard Ludovic-Marcellin was sitting within the Opera seats listening to the going on's around him with an ear that knew just what he was looking for and eyes that hadn't found it yet. Vasily Ladyuk was to experienced for him and no doubt set in his ways as one of the lead baritone singers though one could not say that he didn't perform his role of Eugene Onegin without passion even in his dying breath. No, he was looking for someone younger, someone he could mold see potential in someone... that called to him. Yes, he knew what he was looking for he just simply hadn't found it yet.

The music left over from one died down, the stage going black before the spotlight hit it along with Cara still a little nervous for she knew she wasn't everything she should nor. She was not the star that Vasily was and her steeps no were near as valued the most she could ever ask was that someone see beyond the face that make up only lightly touched and watch the steeps. The illusion of her flight the movement of her legs an arms in their natural liquid like motion even as she jeted onto stage.

Evrard's eyes came up, his interested suddenly piqued though he could see his star needed some work nothing that training, money and time couldn't fix. Not when her twirls and glide managed to capture him. Not waiting for the end of Cara's show he rose out of his chair making haste to the exit and the ever tourist filled foyer to then make weave his way through the crowd around to the Opera Stage door greeting the well known security guard that recognized the patron with a nod of both their heads. Winding his way through the seeming never to end corridors Evrard become but another member of the sidelines leaning up against a solid column knowing that the young girls exit would come right past him. It was now as he waited he thought about how to best way to talk to the girl that would bring her round.

Cara's breathing was quick like it normally was after all the fouette rond de jambe en tournant, tight turns, arabesque and wobbly attitude that's to her ever problematic left leg though the movement of her arms (port de bars) made up for that. It was when the music finally ended and with one last grand jete that she fell to her knee it what was a bow and waited for her cue to run off stage.

With heart racing and a want to catch her breath she only nodded at the man standing by the column. The back stage area was often filled with people, dancers, singers, patrons and what not so Cara carefully made her way to the stairs which would both give her a place to get out of the way and a chance to tap up her ankle paying little heed to those around her as she did so. For if she had seen Evrard's eyes travel over her lightly snug draped frame she would not only find herself innocently blushing but uneasy as well though Evrard (and no doubt any other man) would no doubt find that to be most titillating.

With arms crossed and still looking at the girl Evrard had to reminded himself that he was here on business and not earthly pleasure though he was now truly interested in the girl. He knew he would be best if he could find out a little about her but who to ask? They were so many people still busying themselves in production preparations that it was only by chance that he spied another female dancer (He hoped) judging by the same light, flowing fabric that the young beauty wore. With one eye on the older women and the other on Cara Evrard made his way to the young women.

"Excusez moi mademoiselle" Evrard spoke in a polite tone making the women turn to meet his friendly smile. "Who is the young dancer that just left the stage?"

Looking Evrard over and appraising him the women turned to look were they had gotten up to in their practice remembering that the youngest ballet dancer in the Opera House had just performed her bit.

"Her name is Cara Andovea, just returned from a long break. No one really knows why. Some say it was a lover or maybe family. Je ne sais pas. She is all right for her age and experience. Anyway, she has been struggling a bit with certain roles." The women's words flowed quickly through her luscious red lips as Evrard nodded and once more turned his head to glance at who he now knew to be Cara Andovea.

"How long has she been training?"

The women of twenty something shrugged.

"I'm not sure. I think she first came here when she was very young. Even before primary school." she explained with a wry smile. "Is that all, monsieur? If I can be of more assistance, I shall be here at the Garnier."

Evrard's brow arose along with a fake smile. Barely afternoon and already he was snaring women but that kind of women was not the kind he had on his mind right now.

"Merci, mademoiselle. I'll call." And with a tip of his head he was off across the stage thinking to himself about the dim witted girl he had just left. For how was he to call her when he had no name to call her by?

He pushed this thought aside his mind returning to thoughts of the young dancer who had swept past him with a small nod. It was then that he had seen her up close thinking that his thoughts of before had been right. She was certainly a pretty little girl, with nearly a natural beauty with the perfect dancer physique. His thoughts also remembered the older women's words, his soon to be gosling was struggling a fact that he could no doubt fix.

Evrard watched her as she tended her ankle wondering only one thought. Was she injured? For a damaged dancer was of no profit to him. Still his hands rose and smoothly patted down the lapels of his black sport jacket. First impressions were always half of the deal for a good first look would certainly influence the girl without doubt. Evrard wasn't to sure one way or the other if she saw his approach.

"You are a fine dancer, mademoiselle." he smiled before going on "I see a potential in you, mlle. Andovea."

It was only after he had spoken these words that he wondered if the fact of knowing her name would surprise her, no matter, he loved surprises especially when he was the one giving them.

At these words Cara looked up from her now tapped ankle her dark deep eyes scanning around her before coming to a stand on the stairs. Now standing up her brown eyes couldn't help but also scan in the same what new man before her. She hadn't been overly sure before, when she had glanced around before but she had been sure that his eyes (along with others) had been on her making her think the questions he had seemed to ask were about her which of course made her wonder just a little.

He looked rich by his manner of dress and only stage hands, performers and actors were meant to be back stage though she couldn't help but think that he wasn't any of those making him first stand out and out of sort.

Saying nothing for a moment she started to move her sore ankle around a little hoping that now that she was back into dancing that the muscles she needed would build up again and it would be better soon. Still saying nothing for a moment more and pushing down her shyness Cara couldn't help but watch the other dancers that now graced the stage. She also couldn't help but notice that their kicks were higher along with their jumps, their turns. Faster, tighter everything about them perfect something she had been striving to be ever since she had started. It was only as she sighed and her mind was filled with something other then shyness she finally said:

"I thank you monsieur."

The little French she knew sliding from her lips grateful that the man before her spoke English.


She had remembered him saying that word and as she repeated it now her cut eyebrow raised while she gave him a side ways look. "How is it you know my name when I don't know yours?"

He seemed kind enough but her mind already had gone back to her parents warning about talking to strangers even in a business such as this. There where always people looking to get 'stardom' somehow, or money while others could be trustworthy in every sense of the word. Cara hoped the man before her was the later specially since he had the one up on her already by knowing her name.

"I don't mean to be rude sir but was there something you wanted? I am to be on stage again soon."

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