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Angels Fall First...  Post [1] »

Angels Fall First
Chapter 1
"The Aftermath"

The story begins in Paris, France not long after the Opera Popular disaster……after the fire, the madness, and after the tears…….

Christine had fled with Raoul. He had taken her to his family home in Switzerland just along the border next to France. Everybody was so polite and did not talk or question what had happened that night when he brought her to his home.……

Christine, had been staying at the estate for nearly three weeks now. She was very polite in front of people who greeted her, and appreciated what they did for her. Raoul had made sure she was treated properly. He always asked if she was all right when he saw a frown on her face. Christine would smile, to reassure him that she was alright. But deep down Raoul knew otherwise. He did not want to face up the truth. The truth of where her heart truly longed for. He wasn't a fool. He saw the chemistry the Phantom and Christine had for each other, and the love he saw in their eyes when he witnessed them together. He knew that she truly loved him…..He wished so much, that it was just a figment of his imagination.
Christine on the other hand, had so many questions in head that her mind screamed to get out……what happened to the Girys? (Meg and Madame) ……what was her angel doing now?…..where was he?…….was he alive? she felt so sick. She was so guilty for leaving him and she knew instantly that she had made the wrong choice.
Yes…she loved Raoul, he was always her childhood sweetheart. He made her feel so safe….

She also loved her angel of music (the phantom), more than words could say…He was there for her when she was in her darkest part of her life. He understood her so much. He got to her in ways nobody ever did. (Not even Raoul) He touched her soul with his voice and music. Even though he lied and did terrible things, she still loved him.
But…. she also feared him so….

She sat there in her own room, contemplating the thoughts in her head. She knew she should have followed her heart fully. But she didn't….and she knew why… She knew that with her angel, it would be very dangerous. People would be after him. She also was not sure if she was strong enough to calm him when he would go into his rages. (which she encountered, the "first" time she took off his mask) ……Fear had stopped her for choosing him….. As for Raoul, she saw safety and friendship and yes love. But nothing compared to the passion and love she felt for her angel.

The more she thought about everything, the more she felt she had to act out…..
She knew that she could no longer carry on this charade. She had to be honest to herself and to Raoul…….


Christine had told Raoul everything. She thought he would be furious with her, but to her surprise he wasn't. He told her that he always knew where her heart truly belonged. As a friend he wanted her to be happy. He explained that he would rather have friendship than nothing at all. He meant it, even though he was hurting inside. He had found out where the Giry's were. They were still in Paris, but found out that they had bought a place somewhere in Sweden. They were moving there in a months time. He knew Christine was very familiar with Sweden. It had been her home with her father long ago. He knew that she wanted to get in contact with them so he gave her their address.

Christine was going to return to Paris to the Giry's. she wanted to find her Angel, and tell him everything. She was going to go alone but Raoul wanted to accompany her, to be sure she got there safely. Before they left, Christine had written two letters both addressed to the Giry's. The first one letting them know that she was returning to Paris to find them. The second letter was to her angel of Music. This letter would tell him the truth of her feelings and explain everything that had happened. She somehow knew that if he had survived the mob and fire, Madame Giry would know where to find him. She only prayed that he would be alive and believe the truth when given the Letter……

************************************************** ****

Halfway back to Paris on a dirt road, Christine was found sleeping in the rocking carriage. The road they were on was very rocky and jolted her awake when they hit a nasty bump. Raoul smiled and asked if she was all right. Still very groggy she smiled and nodded back.
"Don't worry Little Lotti…were coming up to a small town for a nice rest before we start out again." He said pointing out the window at the direction of the town in the distance. "Have you heard of any news from the Giry's?" Christine questioned. "Not yet my dear….soon perhaps" he replied reassuring her. Soon after the carriage began to slow down to a stop. Christine was happy that they were going to get out of the carriage. She needed to stretch her legs.

She looked around the small town, and found it was gloomy and run down. She then saw a sign, which was old and faded. It read. Welcome to Quills town
The town had a run down hotel, a restaurant and a couple bars, and other old buildings. The alleyways there were very dark looking and sent a chill up her spine just looking. She then felt someone touch her arm, which made her jump. She looked and it was Raoul. He asking again if she was all right. She sighed with relief and nodded then followed him in the towns' restaurant. As they went inside neither of them noticed eyes glaring at them from a far. From one of the old buildings next to the alley, this person in the shadows smiled wickedly and said in a males voice, "Look over there boys….Money!"

************************************************** **********

Christine felt very satisfied now that her stomach was filled. She smiled as they exited the restaurant. It was very dark outside. The few people she saw out earlier, were nowhere to be seen. "Well now that we are stuffed we better get going, before the driver get to tired to drive," Raoul mentioned, before leading her to the Carriage. As they walked Raoul noticed something move in the shadows near them. Christine saw this as well. She was just about question when she saw Raoul being shoved forcefully to the ground. Christine gasped in fright as she saw him go down. She whirled around to look, and saw someone right behind her. Before she had time to scream she was slammed against the wall of a building. "Oh.. aren't you a pretty one.." the man hissed in her ear. Christine couldn't see who it was. All she smelt was his foul breath, and heard his raspy deep voice in her ear. She tried to struggle, but her attempt made him slam her harder against the wall, causing her to cry out in pain.
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Raoul roared at the man. The man just looked at him a chuckled slightly. "I will!.. if you give me all you got!" he snaped back, as he reached for Christine's throat and started to squeeze.

"NO!…no!…ok! I will do what you ask…..just don't hurt her!…" He pleaded. The man released his grip on her, which made her, cough heavily. He then took her and whirled her around in front of him with one hand around her waist pining her arms. The other around her neck once again. Raoul then got up from the ground. One man came behind him and pinned his arms. Another came and started to search him for any valuables that he could find. Once taking anything that was useful, the man turned and faced the other that was still holding Christine. "I gave you what you wanted….now let her go!" Raoul demanded. The man started to laugh, which caused an uproar of laughter with his men. Christine was starting to panic now…she didn't like how this was going.

"Now…..why would I do that?" he chucked "when I could put good use to her…with me and my men." He finished while pulling her head back with her hair. Raoul was outraged! He drew his head back quickly, knocking the man behind out instantly. He then took the gun that the man had and aimed it at the other holding Christine. But at the same time that man also drew out his gun while holding her and pointed it at Raoul. He chucked again and was about to fire when, Christine stomped on his foot and somehow freed her hands and pushed his arms as he fired. The bullet barely missed Raoul's arm. The man turned and back handed her in the face causing her to drop to the ground. "Stupid *****!" he cursed her. He pointed the gun to her "Do you want this ****ing bullet in your skull?" He yelled as he grabbed her hair, and pressed the gun to her temple. She cried out in pain as she felt the gun against her head.

"NO!" Raoul screamed and charged at the man.
The man turned suddenly, before anyone realized and shot Raoul point blank in the chest. He went limp and dropped to the ground.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Christine screamed. She somehow pushed the man and ran to Raoul's lifeless body. "Oh god NO!" she sobbed against his chest. She looked and knew he was dead. The blood pored from his body. He laid there with his eyes open still. She shut her eyes as reality struck her. He was dead. He didn't deserve this fate. He was supposed to live his life and perhaps find someone to share his happiness with…..and now he was dead. Her childhood friend was gone now forever…because of them!.

She became so furious that she went to attack the man that did this. His men quickly grabbed her arms and held her. "Look boys…….look how feisty she is now!" The main man laughed mocking her. He then grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her, causing her to cry out again. He took her further in the alley. He threw her against the wall, hitting her head. Her head was bleeding and throbbing now. She saw his silhouette standing over her.

"Hey…Jaris…what do we do with the body?" one of his men asked. It made her sick to her stomach, as he referred to Raoul that way. "Just put it in the carriage along with the drivers body and then send the carriage on it's way" he answered smirking as his gaze never left hers. Christine couldn't take it anymore. She had to get away some how. She new if she didn't she would have the same fate as Raoul. As Jaris's men called out to him again he turned slightly to answer. Christine then kicked his shin, which knocked him to the ground. She got up and stumbled and ran as fast as she could. She heard him curse after her.
She ran down the streets screaming for help. But people would yell back at her from there windows to shut up!. They thought she was a drunk running in the streets. She felt so tired now, she started to panic, she didn't know what else to do. She was breathing heavily now. She briefly leaned on one of the walls of a building to catch her breath. All of a sudden she felt something whip around her neck and pull her back forcefully choking her to the ground.

She gasped for air when she hit the ground. She looked up and saw that same man over her, glaring at her. "You ****ing *****!" he screamed at her as he took another strike with his whip! She screamed in pain, as she felt it the second time. He then began to yell other things at her, as he kicked and whipped her. She didn't even hear what he was saying. The pain was all she felt now. She could taste the blood inside her mouth. She wanted the pain to stop. She pleaded to god for help as it continued. By now her body was going numb. She was starting to black out. She didn't care what happened now. She was ready to die….It hurt so much...she just wanted the pain to stop!
As if her prayers were answered ….she felt no more pain. She was just numb. Was she dead? She thought.
With little strength she had left…she barely opened her eyes. She saw faces…new faces.

It was a man and a woman looking down at her. The woman looked as it she was about to cry.
"Nadir..look! she's opening her eyes!" She gasped. The man looked. He then looked out down the street to see a man running towards them.

"Andrew! Get the buggy!…" The man yelled down the street for the other to hear. Andrew quickly turned and headed for the buggy.

Nadir, looked back at Christine. She was going in and out of consciousness. "Hold on! Little one…hold on…" he told her gently. Then finally she passed out.

Well I hope everyone enjoys this chapter...
I was happy to post it :)
I usually post on
so if anyone wants to see more chapter until i post more on here ... go to this link..

It will take you to my profile there and to the story @ the bottom of page...
thanks for listening... happy reading :)
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Angels Fall First ~ chapter 2 ~ Death of The Vicomte De Chagny and Christine Daae  Post [2] »

Angels Fall First
Chapter 2
"Death of The Vicomte De Chagny
and Christine Daae"

Hi all….I just wanted to add that most of the Characters in the story do not belong to me. Any additional characters do!
I hope you all are enjoying the story so far…... please I would like to hear reviews…don't be shy…(but be kind) this is my second fanfiction..
So Enjoy……...


News traveled fast that the Vicomte and Christine were missing. The De Chagny's knew that he was escorting Christine back to Paris to be with Giry's. A week had past without a word. It was unlike Raoul to not contact his family. In the past when he was busy at the Opera House, he still made time to write to them. He was always close to his family. It usually took a couple days to get to Paris from the estate. So by now his family started to worry. His father and mother contacted the authorities of their missing son and ex-fiancé. They even had servants search for them using the same roads that they had traveled on.
But as another week went by……..Still no word!
News had finally spread to Paris about the missing pair. There was gossip on the street suggesting that The Phantom had taken her…..but that was just gossip. The De Chagny's had people going from door to door asking if they had seen them……!

"Mother! we must do something!" pleaded a young girl with blonde long hair.
"Meg, there is nothing much we can do…..we have to wait for news" Mme. Giry replied back to her daughter trying to stay calm.

"But it's been three weeks now ….and still nothing…." She gasped fighting back tears. She continued. "Mother what if the worst has happened? What if she is….De…"
"Meg!…" She cut her off.

"Do not think of such a thing!" She finished.

She took a deep breath trying to keep herself together. She also feared the worst. She didn't even want to think of it. She considered Christine as a daughter and loved her dearly. She then started to pace the room. Meg was just about to say something else when they heard the front door open. Mme. Giry didn't even turn around.

"Any word Erik?" she questioned in a low voice, just loud enough to hear.

"No" the Man replied back in a deep low voice.
Mme. Giry finally turned to face him. He stood there, in a black long hooded cloak. On his right side he wore a white mask…..

When Meg noticed him she felt a shiver go up her spine. She still couldn't believe that he was living with them!….The Famous Phantom of the Opera…..

Mme. Giry had taken him in after the fire. She had persuaded him to stay with them. She knew people were going to hunt him down on the streets. They had all retreated to a hotel. Mme. Giry told Meg everything. About how they met and how she protected him from the cruelties of the world. Meg was furious at first. But then she tried to accept that he was going to be around. But his presence still frightened her. Her mother tried to reassure her…but she still felt that way. Perhaps time would calm her fears of him…

He walked in and took his place in a chair, pulling back the hood. Erik just sat there in silence. He glanced to the table just beside him, to an open letter. He then picked it up like he had done countless times before. He just starred at the letter. Christine's letter…to him!…. He couldn't believe that she had written to him. His heart almost came out of his chest when she confessed that she loved him, and was returning to him. He didn't want to get his hopes up. If she would come back and tell her feeling for him face to face, he would never again let her go………soon after she went missing!

He tried to search for her. He had to stay hidden…he was a wanted man. The most he did was overhear information from the De Chagny's in the shadows; when people informed them on their progress. It made him furious that he couldn't do more…..He wanted to find her. Bring her home and take her away……

His hands started to shake as he thought of the unthinkable. He cured at himself. He felt that it was his fault that all this happened. He wanted desperately to punish himself for it…Meg sensed this as she glanced at him. She felt sorry for him. She knew from the way he acted that he really cared for Christine.

As he put the letter slowly back on the table…. there was a loud knock on the door. Erik quickly flew inside the nearest closet, even before Mme Giry had time to tell him. She calmly went to the door and opened it. An officer stood there and asked if she was Mme. Giry. She nodded and showed him inside. Meg's heart began to race as she saw him. She knew he had news. The De Chagny's knew the Giry’s well and respected them. They kept them informed of the search. Mme. Giry, stood calmly, as she offered him some tea. She was screaming inside, she had such a bad gut feeling with this visit. She kept breathing to calm her nerves.

At first there was silence. Erik cursed to himself as he tried to hear from inside the closet.

"I bring the latest news regarding the search." He spoke finally
"And" she replied trying to sound as calm as possible.
"We found the carriage just outside of town" he began.
Mme Giry held her breathe.

"We found the body of Raoul Vicomte De Chagny!" he finished.
Meg gasped, she starting to panic…"What about Christine?"
Mme Giry held up her hand to silence her.
The officer cleared his throat….

"We also found the driver there as well, he was barely alive…. He managed to tell us what he saw." They all stood there silently……

He explained that the driver had somehow peered outside the carriage. He witnessed a gang swarming them. The officer also stated that because of the extent of the driver’s injuries he died shortly after……

"The driver witnessed the shooting of the Vicomte….Miss Daae tried to stop them and was struck in the face knocking her to the ground…..His body was thrown in the carriage…..the last he saw of Miss Daae, was her being dragged away…"

Meanwhile Erik couldn't believe his ears….The closet he was in was stuffy and uncomfortable but he heard everything the officer had told them…… his heart started to race when he heard that his Angel was handled in that fashion….No one did that to her….to his Christine. But when he heard that she was taken away, his heart stopped…….He heard Meg over his thoughts….

"Oh My GOD!" Meg cried. She sat in the nearest chair. She felt sick to her stomach!
"Please!…..Tell us that you found her….. oh God! Please!” She pleaded to the officer. She couldn't believe what she was hearing! Her mother went to her and coaxed her to stay calm.

"Shortly after the carriage was sent to the outlands of Paris….about a day’s ride to where the incident happened….. It happened in Quills Town…" The officer finished.

Meg was trembling. Mme Giry stood there shocked. She was using a chair to stabilize her…otherwise she would faint. She told herself to stay calm and that they must have found Christine that things would be all right. She had to believe that.

"Again officer …what of Christine?" she asked calmly, but felt her voice wavering. She braced herself for an answer.
"On the side streets near the alley from which she was dragged off to…… we found her shoes and pieces of her clothing with …blood on them!… …We searched the city but never found her……….I am sorry to say this……But Miss Daae…is presumed Dead!"………….

Erik's body went numb. He found himself on the floor of the closet. He starred off into space. He closed his eyes and tried to picture Christine's beautiful face. But instead all he could see were images of her being ravaged and beaten...He clenched his fists together. He was shaking.. the rage inside him was too much. He wanted desperately to kill...He wanted to kill those *******s that did this to her...He wanted to torture them and slowly see them beg before he killed them. He wanted to laugh in their faces when he did it...But he just sat there...

All he heard now was crying throughout the room...The officer had already left, and yet he just sat there... Tears finally came and shook his body. The pain and sorrow he felt shook him to the core... he had never in his life experienced this. Yes, he had cried for her before. ...but it was different now.

"Chris...tine" he sobbed quietly. He started to cry harder. He didn't want to think her dead, but he knew there was no one there to help her at that time...the boy had there was no one left to save her..."NO ONE!". He cursed out loud. He started to curse and scream...He hated himself, he hated that he wasn't there for her. He was to blame he thought... She was coming back to him when this happened...He wanted to die now...He cursed god for letting this happen...He wanted her back with him...But now he would never see her again...

"CHRISTINE! He screamed...
Hope you all enjoyed that...I know its sad..
again let me know what you all think...
Ps: I will try to have another chapter up soon...
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 Post [3] »

Sniff... :(

Keep posting! It's great. :)

And thus, she stands there. Watching, waiting, and hoping that she will not have to betray her Angel of Music.
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Good job! I love it! A few things though. Your curse words are too modern for the story but I don't see how you could change that. and it is Vicomte Raoul De Chagny, not the other way 'round. But good job none the less.

"Wishing you were somehow here again"
R.I.P. David. I miss you lil' bro'. See you in Heaven.
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Angels Fall First ~ chapter 3 ~ Lost Angel  Post [5] »

Angels Fall First
Chapter 3
"Lost Angel"

Before I begin…. I just want to thank everyone who read and commented on my story so far…I appreciated it.
Here is another part of the puzzle…. Hee hee
Ps. again feel free to comment…
The room was filled with silence, as she lay there in a bed. She could feel the presents of others around her. She could not see who they were. She felt too weak to even open her eyes. Her throat still ached.. as she remembered how the whip felt tearing her flesh. She wondered how long she was lying here…wherever here was…. She had to find out!

With all her strength she tried to open her eyes…..
Brightness over took her. At one moment she thought she was in heaven. She blinked her eyes several times to get use to the sunlight. Once in focus she saw this was not heaven at all…..she was in a white room!…..

She winced in pain as she turned her head slightly to see more. The pain went through her body. She stayed still hoping the pain would pass….

Her thoughts were distracted as she heard footsteps near her. Carefully she glanced over and saw a familiar face looking down to her. She couldn't place from where she saw him before….She felt safe anyhow.

The man was lean, with dark eyes and hair. He was tanned and Asian looking. The smile on his face suggested he was also kind.

"Oh I see.. sleeping Beauty has finally awaken from her slumber." He said kindly.

Christine gave a little smile. She couldn't fully smile, from fear that it would hurt too much. He then looked away to another direction.

"Doctor!….she is awake now" he announced to a man that was also in the room. Christine wondered where she was now…..was she in a hospital or in some one else's estate? She thought.

The kind man looked back at Christine. He sensed her confusion. He smiled again.

"Don't worry my dear….. you are safe here………
My name is Nadir Khan…. You are in a hospital outside of Paris…… The Doctor here will tend to your wounds…just relax I will check on you shortly."

And with that he nodded his head slightly and left the room closing the door gently behind him.

As soon as he closed the door he saw Rebecca standing in the corner of the room in the hall.

"How is she Nadir?" she questioned.

He turned, and walked to her and planted a kiss on her lips. He smiled.

"She is as well as can be expected….my love….. The doctor is with her now." He finished while kissing her hand to calm her nerves. He held her close.
She slowly left his embrace and went to the door..

"That poor child… I cannot believe she went through that!……I mean I have seen a lot in my life…..but this…she is so young…and all that blood!" She trailed off as she fought back silent tears.

"I know"…Nadir commented
"I didn't know what to expect when I heard the screaming before we found her……it's amazing she is still alive!". He finished.

He shook his head and looked at her again. She still was in thought, starring at the door. He smiled to himself. He always liked her compassion for others. That was one of the things he loved about her. She showed that to him the first time he met her five years ago. He traveled a lot then. He saw many places such as Europe, Sweden, Poland, and Paris. When he traveled to Poland, the hotel he was staying at had caught fire, due to an arsonist. Most people that night found places to go, but he wasn't so lucky. He was ready to sleep on the street like old times…when this woman had let him stay in the orphanage she had owned outside of town. It was his Rebecca. He still remember the first glimpse of her….Her long brown hair, deep blue eyes. At the time she was in her thirties. He was about five year older than she.
They both became good friends. She wondered about his life, knowing he wasn't from there. He eventually told her that he was from Persia. In time she found out all about him… Of course he knew all about her….. They eventually fell in love…….

Nadir was brought back to reality when he heard the door open. The doctor greeted them both.

"How is she Doctor?" Rebecca questioned.
"She is still awake…..she finally broke through the fever she had for the past week……but she is still in much pain." The doctor explained.
"Can we see her now?" Nadir asked.
"Yes……but not for long she does need her rest"
"Yes of course…….we won't be long" Stated Nadir.
When they were about to go inside the doctor stopped them …..

"Oh!.. There is something you should know before going in there….. if you plan to find out anything about her, your questions won't help you? ……… The doctor stated.

"Why is that?" Nadir questioned.
"She has Amnesia!" he finished

Christine had let the doctor look over her. It hurt her when he had to check her wounds to make sure there were no infections. She had learned from the doctor that she had been out with fever for a week now. He also told her she still needs lots of bed rest because she has fractured ribs, a badly bruise back and whip marks that were found mostly on her lower back areas. He had reassured her that the bruising on her face would heal in time. He said the whip mark around her throat area would also heal, but may leave a deeper scar. He warned her that because of the force of the injury there, it might have damaged her voice. He instructed her to only be aloud to talk quietly but not for long. He also did other tests on her, and questioned her to verify his findings……..

As Nadir and Rebecca entered the room they saw her deep in thought. Her chocolate brown curled hair was matted against the pillow. Her deep brown eyes were glistened with tears. They saw she had been crying. They both felt sorry for this girl. She had been beaten, she probably felt alone and now she had no memories of who she was…
As they went closer, Christine turned and saw them. She quickly wiped her tears away. They went by her side and sat in a couple of chairs next to the bed. Christine smiled as she recognized another face…..

Nadir saw this reaction. He pointed to Rebecca.
"Little one…I would like you to meet my wife….Rebecca Khan."

Christine smiled. "Its nice to know the names….of the faces I saw that night!"

"You mean….. you remember?" Rebecca questioned.
Nadir's brows came together in confusion. The doctor has said she had no memories…
"All I remember is …..being beaten….the pain…..and seeing your faces….and someone called Andrew?……other than that… I can't remember anything……Not even my name!"

Christine looking down at her hands. She felt so lost and confused.
Rebecca wanted so much to take away this girls pain. She didn't like to see anyone suffer.

"I want to thank you both for …..saving my life.." she said very quietly, looking up to their faces. They both smiled warmly to her.

"There is no need for thanks… My dear…..We were glad to have been there!" Nadir said sweetly to her.
Christine was about to say something.. when she heard the door opening. They all turned to see this young man walk in. He was tall and looked to be in his late twenties. He had a strong figure. He had short dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He immediately saw them all looking at him. He slowly walked up and gave a sweet smile.

"Ah… your finally awake" he said looking at Christine.
"Speaking of the devil"…. Nadir said, he looked at Christine then finished…..
"To answer your question before my dear……meet Andrew Destler!"

After all of the introductions…they all left Christine to rest. They went into another room to talk amongst themselves.
"We should take her with us……she has no memories! She will be all alone if she stays here." Rebecca stated to them.

"I know my dear…. and I agree with you……but how will we get to Paris?…she is very weak…..we still have to visit a dear old friend"….. Nadir mentioned with a hint of sarcasm in the last part of what he said. He continued..

"We were delayed on going sooner to Paris….when we saved that young girl and brought her here……..of course it wasn't her fault….its just how the cards were dealt!"… He finished looking at them.

"Do you think after the Fire….Erik went to the Giry's?" Rebecca questioned.

"Probably….there is no one else in Paris that would have hidden him from the mob….not after what he did…..burning down the Opera….and trying to kidnap that Christine Daae girl!" Andrew said cutting in.
"Andrew!…. Your brother! Loved her!" Rebecca snapped a him.
" I know his actions were not the best….but at least he finally learned to care for another soul other than himself! She finished.
"Perhaps"……Andrew replied. He went on. "but we still have to find him….and make sure he is alright!"
"We will"…Nadir stated. Breaking the there conversation.
"I will go find Eric…….Your both tend to the girl, and when she is well enough, take her with you to Poland…… She will be safe there!"……He finished . They all nodded in agreement.
Soon after Nadir went in Christine's room to check on her. She was sleeping.
"Take care little one… …and be safe!" he whispered in her ear.
He said his goodbyes to the others.…. Then set off to Paris… to find Erik Destler, otherwise known as….The Famous Opera Ghost!…..
…I hope you all enjoyed this….please let me know
I will try to have another chapter up soon
Until then take care…. And thanks for Reading
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OOOh how interesting! I'm very interested on how this story is going to turn out..
How about if you try to use a little bit more description? About the present location, etc. It might help the reader feel more like he/she's in the middle of the scene watching what's going on.
Again, great job! :)

And thus, she stands there. Watching, waiting, and hoping that she will not have to betray her Angel of Music.
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Angels Fall First ~ chapter 4 ~ A New Life  Post [7] »

Angels Fall First
Chapter 4
"A New Life"

…..Hi everyone …. I am glad your all liking the "twists" so far…..
Again thanks to those of you who commented…. I enjoy reading them, it makes me want to write faster…hee hee!
Hope this chapter meets all your expectations …..
Happy Reading….
Ps. feel free to comment


"Happy birthday to you……Happy birthday to you….Happy birthday….Dear Emma……..Happy Birthday to you!"…..
People cheered as little Emma blew out her candles, making her birthday wish. Emma turned five today. All her friends were there to celebrate her birthday. The party was held in the front lawn of the Little Miracles Orphanage, her home… in Poland. The orphanage was well secluded and surrounded by lots of land with horse stables…and more! The nearest town was an hour away…. It was a nice place to be, and the children there well loved there.

People gathered to get a piece of birthday cake. A young lady quickly snatched a piece. She had chocolate brown hair that curled down to her waist, and deep brown eyes. She walked to the birthday girl and handed her the cake. She gave a warm smile…..

"Thank you! Belle" …..the girl said while looking up to her.
"Your welcome…Emma…….oh!.. I almost forgot!"…. Belle replied as she secretly pulled out a gift from behind her back, and placed it on Emma's lap..

Emma's eyes went wide… she ripped open the gift as fast as she could. She found a little gold guardian angel pin inside… Her mouth dropped when she saw it. She jumped from her seat and hugged Belle so tightly…thanking her….. She then spotted two people who came up from behind them. She jumped up again and ran to them…..

"Nadir!…..Rebecca!…..Look at what Belle gave me!" she squealed with excitement.

"We see Emma!…. That was very nice of her!" Nadir said as he glanced to Belle.

"Come play hide and seek with me and the others." she said practically pulling her in the process.. She didn't protest.

Nadir and Rebecca stood there in awe. It was cute to see Emma and the other children from the orphanage play with Belle…

"She has definitely come a long way from the first day we saw her….." Rebecca stated, as she glanced at Belle.
"Yes…she's beaten all the odds…..from the recovery she made!." Nadir replied.

She did beat all the odds…… This was the same girl that was viciously attacked in Quills Town. The same girl who lost all her memories…

Nadir and Rebecca had taken Christine in….. She was given the name Belle since no one knew her real identity. They all thought she was very beautiful. Therefore the name was perfect for her…..

Two years… had gone by since Andrew and Rebecca brought her there to live with them in the orphanage. They both helped her recover. After many months of healing she learned to walk again, which was from the bruising and swelling in her back. It almost left her paralyzed. In time the whip marks on her body fully healed, leaving little scars in some places. One place that was visible was the one she had on her throat. That scar was mostly on the back of her neck. She sometimes wore scarf's when she went to town…. to avoid questions…

In time they all grew close to each other……Belle and Andrew the most! Their love for each other was nothing intimate……They had a deep brother/ sister bond!….

Nadir eventually came back after a month of searching……He discovered that Erik was nowhere to be found. He knew he was alive…because when he searched his old lair…he saw that all the vaults he had were empty! He knew it was Erik because he had set traps that only he and Nadir knew to get out of…and of course they only knew the locking mechanism. Nadir knew because he helped Erik built it…..

Nadir felt a sense of comfort knowing he had survived……but he wondered where he was? Did he flee Paris?….and if he had ..why?…. he thought. He knew Erik was not one to back down from anyone. It must have been personal he thought…..Maybe it was because he never got to be with the woman he loved…maybe it was too hard to bear! Whatever the answer was…. he knew Erik didn't want to be found. He left no evidence or clues for Nadir to contact him by….

Nadir sadly collected anything of value, in case Erik returned to him one day. Some of the items were the Persian Monkey Music box and some of Erik's music that wasn’t destroyed by the mob…..

Before Nadir left for home…he also found out, that the Giry's were gone as well. He found that strange. The Giry's loved Paris. To pick up and leave was not like them. Maybe Erik had gone with them…. he thought?…. Again they were all assumptions that he would never find the answers to….There was no trail leading anywhere…..
Nadir had no choice but to go home………….

"18…19….20!……ready or not!….Here I Come!"… Belle's voice rang in the air. The sound of children were heard throughout the walls of the orphanage, running to find their last minute hiding places, before Belle looked for them..

Belle slowly searched the three-story house to find them. As she did, she gained the help of another…. Rebecca's younger sister ..Sarah. She was Belle's age. She was very tall and beautiful. She looked similar to her sister, but had long black hair and green eyes. She was more fearless and full of adventure…

She helped Belle snatch the children one by one. In the end It was down to two children, Charles and Nora... Belle and Sarah had split up to find them…

Nadir and Rebecca were both amused with this hunt. They too helped search for the last two..

Belle went to the first floor…."Nora! ……. she said as she went down the hall. She repeated her name again and listened for any noise. As she reached the end, she noticed the door down to the basement was left ajar. She smiled and opened the door and slowly crept down the stairs. The basement was known as Nadir's Den. He usually didn't mind the children using the room to hide in, but often warned them not to go through his belongings…
When she got there…she saw Nora, standing memorized by an object she was looking at. Belle was going to scare her…..when she heard a strange and yet familiar sound!…… She froze!…. Nora turned around holding the object and saw Belle standing there with a strange expression on her face. Belle saw the music box with a monkey on it playing a melody……….

By this time Nadir and the others had made their way to the basement and found them. Nadir stood silent as he heard….that melody. But what caught him off guard more was Belle's reaction to it……she seemed to recognize it!…. But how? ... No one knew of that artifact!… He thought…… He watched her closely. Andrew had joined them. He too was very confused of what he saw…..

"Masquerade!….. Paper faces on parade . . .Masquerade!…Hide your face, so the world will never… find you!" Belle sang quietly without realizing.

My god! …. she even knows the words?….Nadir's mind raced with thoughts. …..How?….how?.. He thought some more. He stood stunned….

Andrew's mouth dropped. He too knew well enough that only a few people knew the song……His brothers song!……..
Belle came back to reality when she found eyes on her…..Their looks were full of confusion, especially from Nadir's face. She didn't know why she was acting this way….

She felt frightened, and embarrassed. A moment later she fled ….she heard Nadir and Rebecca call out after her…..
She ran outside to the stables…up to the hayloft and sank to the floor. She knew from the beginning that she had no memories of her past……But this was the first time in two years she had reacted to something…..was this song from my past? …. And why did that music box have such an effect on me?….she thought….

"Why else would I recognize it?" she whispered to herself.
When she saw at that music box, she felt a strong connection to it somehow ….. It felt so familiar…..but how? She thought again….

Her head began to spin…she felt alone for the first time in a long time. She wanted answers but didn't have any……

"Who…am I?"…. She questioned……….

I know it was a little shorter this time…
Don't worry….Erik will be in the story soon…But you'll have to wait and see how!
Keep reading……
Ps. comment if you wish………
Ps. I will try to update soon
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Wow that's some story. Can't wait to read more! :D
One thing that may make it easier to understand-- try not using so many dots after sentences and phrases. I know you have a vivid imagination, so try find another way to let the reader know that the thought goes on after the words have finished. :)
Keep on posting and can't wait to

And thus, she stands there. Watching, waiting, and hoping that she will not have to betray her Angel of Music.
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Angels Fall First ~ chapter 5 ~ Surprise...Surprise!  Post [9] »

Angels Fall First
Chapter 5

...Hey guys heres another exciting chapter...
Again let me know what you think :)
thanks for reading...
She walked down a long corridor not knowing where she was going. It was very dark but had candlelight leading the way. She heard a faint melody in the distance! "I know that melody" she told herself. She continued to follow the sound and kept going until she finally neared a room. It was very dark and gloomy. It too had candles. Once inside her eyes were fixed upon a very large old pipe organ, with music sheets scattered all over….. On top sat a Persian Monkey Music Box which played that familiar sound. As she neared the music box she heard a faint whisper "come… to… meee…." It’s faint deep ghostly voice calling out to her. She whirled around and saw no one. She then went back to the music box, and picked it up.
" C.h.r..i.s..t.i.n.e….." it called out again.
Turning around once more she gasped in fright as she saw a face.
A face with a white mask!
Bell screamed as she woke from her dream……
She breathed heavily and her mind raced as she felt beads of sweat fall from her forehead.
"What was that?" she asked herself placing one hand upon her face closing her eyes and taking deep breaths trying to regain composer.

"Belle!... is everything alright dear?” Someone called out to her urgently just beyond her bedroom door.
Belle sighed and sank her head back against her pillow feel silly that someone had heard her screaming.

"Yes Rebecca I just had a bad dream that's all" she replied calming herself.

"Well breakfast is almost done dear in about ten minutes. Were having pancakes today your favorite!" she replied sweetly.

"In that case I'll be there in five" Belle joked

She heard a chuckle from the other side of the door
"Alright dear see you then" Rebecca replied with a smile, then went back to the kitchen….
After the incidence with Belle and the Music box no one except Nadir questioned her about it. She honestly told him that she didn't know why she felt connected to it. Nadir believed her. She never lied before about anything. He saw it in her eyes, knew she was telling the truth….
But still how would she know about it? Could it be from her past? How? he thought..
Somehow he was going to find out………
Belle was alone in the stables; thinking. She had so much on her mind and so many questions….
That dream she had a day ago still played in her head. Was it a dream? or part of something else? she questioned silently. She was so deep in thought she didn't realize that she walked all the way to the back of the stables she rarely went back there. She was jumped when she heard movement from the last stall in the stable.
She glanced to the noise to see this magnificent black horse appear. It was a stallion.

She remembered the first time she saw the horse; it was when Nadir had returned from Paris. He never really stated why he went there to begin with. When he did return he had recovered some possessions from where he was, also bring back that beautiful animal.

People were very frightened to go near the animal. The horse seemed to have a very bad temper. She remembered the comment Andrew had made when they were trying to get it in the stall for the first time; something about having a temper just like its Master! He and Nadir had muttered other things as well but she couldn't hear them. She was still confined to a wheelchair at that time, and they were deep inside the stables, but she remembered the event anyhow.

Over the first year she came to live there Nadir had gotten another black stallion, a female in hopes to calm the beast.
The plan half succeeded. The beast welcomed the female and even mated with her! In time the pair brought a new edition to the stables. But with people on the other hand, the male stallion still acted aggressive. Nobody except for Nadir, and the supposed original owner of the horse, could go near him.

Belle remembered one time when she had asked Nadir who that horse belonged to?

"A very old friend" was Nadir’s response before walking away.

She just stood there looking at the beast. He too stared back but to her surprise the horse didn't try to scare her away like he usually did with the others. She had never gone to see the horse before…. She always kept to the others horses that were separated from him.

The horse stood calm before her. Belle thought this was a good sign. She took a deep breath and slowly reached out her hand to gently touch its nose. It suddenly backed away but still did not cause a fuss. She never moved her hand back she just kept it there. She didn't know why, but she somehow felt that the horse trusted her. She didn't know why. It was just a feeling she had.

She kept her hand out for about another minute. She was just about to give up and pull back when she noticed it starting to near her. Very slowly it came closer and brushed her hand. Belle smiled. She found herself stoking its nose and then mane afterward.

‘My God!’... Andrew thought from the sight before him. He had come looking for Belle when he discovered that she was in the stables. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Belle was standing there stoking that beast; Erik's horse! That horse didn't like many people, but somehow it liked her!

"You're a nice horse aren't you?" Belle said playfully. "Why are you so mean to the others? and what is your name?" she questioned.

"His name is Caesar" Andrew replied cutting in.
Belle jumped at the voice. The horse on the other hand knew who it was and started to kick around the stall causing a fuss.

"Stop your fussing! You sound just like my brother!" Andrew said growing annoyed with the horse.

Belle blinked.

"Your brother?" she questioned, looking shocked
Confusion crossed his face before he realized what he had just said out loud.
He sighed…

"Yes I have an older brother" He replied; frowning.

Belle couldn't believe it. She knew Andrew for about two years now and not once did he ever mention of having a brother! Did Nadir and Rebecca know this? They must know they treat Andrew like a son. If they did know why did they never talk about him? she questioned herself.
As if reading her face and thoughts perfectly Andrew sighed once more before touching her arm to gain her full attention.

"I am sorry I never told you about him. Yes the others know of him" He started.

"His name is Erik Destler. He is three years older than I. He's a hard person to get along with. We were never really close, and still aren't. I have tried in the past to reach him. But because of my family’s history and the cruelties the world has shown him, it’s very hard for him to trust people. After awhile I gave up trying. This is why you have never heard of him. It wasn't because I don't care. It’s because of the ways things are." He finished with such sorrow in his voice.

"What possible cruelties has he endured to shut people out like this; especially his family? It’s horrible! he must feel so alone!". Belle replied feeling such sadness.
"No one ever helped him?" she questioned.

"Well to make a long story short I never saw much of him. I remember being very young, about four years old when my parents had sent him away. They had told me that it was for the best that he was the son of the devil. But I never believed them. I remember asking why? All they told me was that the devil had claimed him and left its mark on him. They told me that his deformity on one side of his face was because; he must have sinned in another life. They said this was his punishment for his sins!" Andrew finished as tears welled up in his eyes.

Belle was crying now from hearing all this. Somehow she felt she already knew this person and his pain. She couldn't explain it. She listened as Andrew continued.
"I tried to find him when I was a little older. I found out later that he was sold to a circus; to Gypsies. They treated him like a monster; beating him! I knew he wasn't a monster! Who could be a monster when I remember being so young how he stood by me when I was frightened by the dark. He would stay with me until I was calm or asleep he never left my side! No! He was no Monster and if he was much later; he world made him that way! I hated my parents for this! I wanted nothing to do with them when I found out. But I had to stay. I had nowhere else to go.”

He was crying like a child now. Belle pulled him into a hug.
"I am sorry for this for your brother’s pain. It must have been difficult. Did he ever escape the gypsies? Did anyone try to help him? I know you would have if you could." She said reassuring him..

He pulled himself together after the embrace…
"Thank you Belle. I wish my brother had met you in the past. You show so much compassion for someone you don't' know. He would have liked you I know it." He said at last bring tears to her eyes once more.

He was about to say more when they both heard footsteps. They both quickly wiped their wet faces.
Sarah had come in the stables looking for Andrew. She saw them there and had asked if things were alright when she saw their faces. When they both indicated that they were fine. Sarah didn't question. She knew sometimes from experience to leave well enough alone.

Sarah had wanted Andrew to come with her into town to meet some friends of hers. She wanted him to get out more often and socialize.

Andrew didn't protest he knew she was excited. Her good friend Danielle was home for a couple of months now, from Sweden. She was a dancer there in an Opera house. It was vacation time. Sarah wanted Andrew to go because Danielle had brought some of her friends down with her from the Opera house.

Sarah even invited Belle to come along but Belle gently declined. She had promised to help Rebecca later with some baking.
Belle thought a little horseback riding would be great to clear her head after all the emotions from earlier that day. She would be back in plenty of time to help Rebecca with the baking.

Rebecca even told her to go have a little fun.
Belle loved to ride…. When Nadir had first taught her how to ride she picked it up easily. She even helped take care of all the horses except for Caesar! Nadir took care of him. But maybe now that horse would trust her.

After helping Nadir with the horses in time he gave the female Black Stallion to her. Belle named her Grace.
Before leaving with Grace that afternoon Belle had told Nadir about getting close with Caesar. At first he thought she was joking until she went up to the horse and stroked his mane.

Nadir was shocked. Each day Nadir was learning something new about her. He stood there shaking his head dumbfounded as Belle left the stables with Grace. He looked back at Caesar with a confused look.
"Who was this girl?"

As she rode in the woods near the orphanage she heard the laughter of children nearby.

She followed their voices until it brought her to a fast flowing river. She spotted Serena, and little Nora. They were both playing on a rocky edge along the river. Belle neared them with her horse. She had to get them away from there before something bad happened.

The two girls saw her approach and both froze. They knew they were not allowed to play there.

"Serena!…..Nora!…. You guys know you are not suppose to be here!" Belle warned them both.

"Sorry Belle we just got bored at the house and"…Nora started

"And what would have happened if one of you accidentally fell in?" Belle replied firmly but calmly, after cutting in.
Belle continued.

"Come you two…. if you come now I will not say a word of this…but if I ever catch you both hear again….I won't put up with this!" she warned.

They both nodded and started to come to her. Belle's heart stopped as she heard Nora yell as she slipped from the rocks plunging into the River.

"NORA!" Belle screamed after her.

"Serena! Listen to me! Run home and get Nadir!" she ordered.

Belle rode her horse as fast as she could to follow the river. She kept looking for Nora. She saw her head bobbing up and down from the current. Belle noticed ahead a huge fallen tree that was over the river. She made the Grace go faster to beat Nora to the tree.

Once there she jumped Grace and ran to the tree. As she climbed on top she saw Nora coming closer. Belle went on the smaller limbs of the tree to brace herself to catch her.
In town Andrew, liked socializing. He saw Danielle and the others girls. But there was one girl that caught his attention the most. He only saw the back of her head. He knew he saw her before, but he couldn't fully recognize her. She had bright blonde hair that went to her waist. It was also tied back by a ribbon. When she turned to face him he gasped. He did know her and she recognized him as well!

"Meg!" he said beating her to it. She stood there with her mouth open.
"Oh my god Andrew?" she replied just as shocked..

"Andrew you know her?" Sarah asked confused.

"Yes!" he replied; still looked at Meg.

"This is Meg Giry I met her and her mother years back, when I went to Paris with Nadir to visit a friend of mine!"
he replied back, with a hint of sarcasm.

‘Meg is here!’ Andrew thought. Nadir wondered for two years where the Giry's had gone and now he knew the answer! They were living in Sweden all this time. Now she was here for a visit with her friend Danielle. "Small world" he chuckled…..

After talking for a while, Andrew suggested to go back to the orphanage to see the others. Meg agreed instantly. She wanted to see them as well it had been to long since she saw them, and she knew they would have questions on why they left Paris. Andrew knew Nadir and Rebecca would be happy to see Meg again and finally get some answers.

On the road to the Orphanage, Andrew noticed a rider coming fast towards them…..
Serena, reached the house screaming for Nadir. Once she found him. He took off on a horse to where Belle and Nora would be. He knew the river well, and knew the trail.
On the way he noticed a buggy. He made his way faster toward it knowing it was Andrew and Sarah and their friends. He saw Andrew's confused face as he approached them.

"Andrew! We have to find Belle and Nora. Nora fell in the river and Belle is trying save her!" Nadir yelled.

As soon as Andrew heard the news, he told the ladies to hold on.
He drove the buggy as fast as he could!
Belle saw Nora coming closer and closer. She reached down and managed to catch her hand.

"Hold on!" she told her. Nora was cold and frightened but she listened.

With all of her strength Belle pulled her up on the tree with her. Belle sighed with relief thanking god she was alright.

Belle soon heard voices and saw a group of people from afar. She recognized Nadir and Andrew and Sarah but the others two she wasn't sure who they were.

Tired, from pulling Nora out of the cold water she told her to go and climb up the rest of the tree. She watched her go until she was safely on land.

Belle knew it was her turn and started to climb up.
She didn't make it very far.
She heard a snap then felt herself drop.
As she dropped she hit her head on part of the tree before plunging in the water.

"BELLE!" Nadir yelled watching her fall.
Andrew brought a rope he had in the buggy, he ran and helped tie it around Nadir’s waist.
Nadir dove in the river after Belle.

Belle was unconscious for the first few seconds but the cold water woke her. She could feel the blood from her forehead. She tried to keep her head out of the water. She was so tired. The current was so strong.

Suddenly she felt her foot get caught bringing her back under water. Her foot was caught in a log, which was pinned by large rocks. She struggled; trying to free herself but she was starting to lose air.

She felt so helpless she hated that feeling. She didn't know how long she was under water.
‘I'm going to die!’ She thought
Her lungs ached and longed for air. She slowly felt herself blacking out of consciousness.

Somehow Nadir managed to get her out of the water but she wasn't breathing. He remembered something that was taught to him long ago. He opened her mouth and breathed air inside filling her lungs with air.
After a couple tries she started to cough up water; turning her on her side.

"Is she going to be alright?" Andrew asked.

"I think so…" he replied.

Andrew was there with Nadir and Belle….
The rest of the woman were making their way to them.
Nadir looked up to them. He recognized one of the girls instantly. He hadn't paid attention to them before with all the commotion.

"Is that Meg?" Nadir questioned Andrew in surprise.
Before Andrew could answer.

Meg ran up to them to ask it they were all alright when she stopped dead in her track from the sight of Belle.
"Oh my GOD!" She gasped again with her hand at her mouth.

Everyone looked confused especially Andrew and Nadir.
Meg dropped to her knees in front of Belle. Her hands were still in front of her mouth. She started to cry her whole body shook. She just starred at Belle afraid that she would disappear at any moment.

"I..I can't believe it…oh my god! …….I can't believe it……." Meg cried over and over again.

"Meg! What’s wrong?" Andrew started to say.

Meg threw herself on Belle and hugging her.
Belle felt somewhat warm by the embrace. She opened her eyes and saw this face. The face was smiling and crying; looking somewhat familiar.

"Oh Christine your alive! I can't believe you’re alive!" Meg cried out even louder than before.

Belle didn't know what this girl was saying. She felt so weak she then passed out.

Meg panicked….. "CHRISTINE! No! Please WAKE UP!"…. She yelled…
At first Andrew stood confused looking to Nadir for answers who in return looked shocked!

"Meg! What are you talking about? Her name is Belle!" Andrew said while grabbing her arm to get her attention.

“No it’s not! ... Her name is Christine Daae!” She replied back.

Andrew stood frozen; it finally hit him when hearing her full name. He couldn't believe it. He just stared at her unconscious form!

Nadir's shocked expression had not changed. He just starred at Belle, or Christine rather.
Everything that he was trying to figure out about this girl for so long had finally made sense!
It was Christine Daae; Erik's Christine from the Opera House in Paris.

He knew of her but had never seen her.
That's why she recognized the music box. That's why Erik's horse liked her. She was his pupil; His love.
"Oh….My ….God!" was all he said.
...Well...things are getting really interesting now...wouldn't you agree? I wonder what will happen next? hehe...
Keep reading and you will soon find out...hehe
Again let me know what you all think...
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oh my word! please keep posting i love it soo much!!!
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