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Angels Fall First
Chapter 6

Hi All.. Thanks to those who gave their reviews….
I like that cause I can learn off you guys
Note: One of you guys noted…. that I had the wrong spelling of "Erik"…(Before I had Eric..)
Thank you for that b/c I am not familiar with the book… so from now on it will be…….. ERIK! ..Thanks!
Oh... and to clear things up…b/c I am not familiar of the book… some characters background will be different…such as Nadir… I don't know his… except that he is friends with Erik (more of a mutual understanding) and that he was from Persia….. so again my story will be different…
I guess I have to borrow (steal) the book from my sister….but b/c of school….. I don't have time to read it..or do a whole lot of other stuff…. I write when I am on a break or just fed up with studying! Hehe
Again…Thanks to you All!


She sat there quietly next to one of the beds of the orphanage. She watched silently while Christine slept. She still hadn't wakened since the accident in the water. They all had brought her back after the shock of her identity was revealed. Rebecca was almost in tears when she had seen Nadir carrying her in the house to one of the beds. Before Rebecca had time to question what had happened, Nadir had informed her of Belle's true identity…. Rebecca's expression to this news…said it all…
While the doctor came to tend to Christine… Meg went into another room with the others. She knew they would want to know everything that had happened in Paris. She remembered sitting in that room telling her side of the story………….

Meg had told them how her mother had somehow found Erik… and convinced him to hide with them. She explained that they were going to leave Paris to Sweden, because Erik would have been hunted down if they stayed. She told them of the letters they had received from Christine telling Erik of her true feelings for him, and how she too would join them.
"Raoul was going with her to make sure she would make it safely to Paris…but then when they got to that town…." Meg trailed off, looking down at her hands fighting back silent tears. Andrew was next to her rubbing her back…to calm her.
"You all must have been devastated…to hear that your friend was dead…" Rebecca said to Meg while she held her hand.
"We were……. An officer came and told us of the news…we all cried…me…mother…and Erik…. Of course he couldn't be in the same room with us because the officer was there…. Erik was hiding in the closet"……… Meg replied.
"Was he crying in there?" Andrew asked fighting back tears now. He couldn't imagine what his brother was thinking…. or feeling.
Meg nodded in response. Andrew looked down to the floor then to Nadir, who was already looking at him with a sad expression to his face. He then looked at Meg.
"What happened after?" Nadir asked.
Meg took a deep breath and had told them how Erik, against her mothers wishes, went back to his lair and retrieved most of his belongings…
Soon after… they left for Sweden.
Once there the Giry's found work in the city's Opera house…..
She mentioned…that it wasn't like the opera house in Paris…it wasn't as grand looking… but it put food on the table.
"I am glad that you and your mother found work and a new life…but…what happened to Erik?"… Nadir questioned, starring at her intensely. Meg starred back…
The others looked at him in confusion. Meg read his face perfectly…she knew exactly what he meant… She looked down to her hands once more. Nadir knew there was something more to this story that Meg had not yet mentioned…. And she knew that he knew there was something more…. Meg was about to speak, when he beat her to it…
"Where is he?" he questioned. Rebecca and Andrew looked at him in surprise.
Meg looked at him again…. She drew in a deep breath once more.
"He fled to Persia" …she answered.
"What?" Andrew gasped in surprise. Rebecca hands flew to her mouth in shock.
Nadir simply closed his eyes…. He knew his friend…he was going back to that world, to escape and feel nothing…to drink…to forget…and maybe even enjoy the joys of the flesh from another…. but not to love…He probably even cured the word now… Nadir thought.
He remembered the first time when he met Erik. It was years after Antoinette Giry (Meg's mother) had freed him from the gypsies, to let him live in the depths of the opera house…Nadir and Antoinette were friends as well. They had met each other through travels in Europe when she was much older and not at the opera house at the time …Mme Giry introduced Nadir to Erik eventually. Erik was in his early teen years… and Nadir was his companion. Nadir always wanted Erik to be free from the world… that was partly why he took him with him to Persia for the first time… Nadir of course protected and watched over the him… He also let him experience things for himself…he was still young then… Years later when they had returned from that world… Erik was much older and confident…. He was a man!
Meg went on with her story…. She explaining, how Erik couldn't take to this new life… He couldn't be near…or work at a place with music…. He wanted to shut it all out from his life. She told them that Erik blamed himself for her death….
"He paid for the house in full…. making sure we were comfortable there…He told us that he would be leaving for Persia…. Mother tried to persuade him not to. … But then one night we found a letter… and he was gone!"… Meg finished as she looked up to them all.
"Did he ever contact your mother?" Nadir asked.
"Once…. Just so that we wouldn't worry…. but that was six months ago." She replied.
She touched Nadir's arm and continued.
"I used to fear him so at the Opera house in Paris…and … I know he did terrible things there… but when I finally got to know him for that short time… I didn't fear him any longer… all he needed was a chance!"… She finished. Nadir nodded in agreement.
They all sat there in silence at her last statement until Nadir broke it….
"If only he knew she was alive… he would come back…. I am sure of it"…

Meg came back to reality from her thoughts and looked at Christine's sleeping form once more….
"If only he knew" …she whispered.
A knock came from the door. It was her friend Danielle… She was checking up on Meg. She told Meg that if she wanted to stay there since her friend was ill it was ok with her. Her friend then asked how Christine was doing. Meg told her that she was sick with fever…and had some water in her lungs. She explained the doctor had told them that because of her injuries and sickness she had two years ago it might have damaged her body and immune system, therefore she was prone to sickness or worse. Danielle wished Christine well before she left. Meg thanked her for that…
The others of course had asked Meg to stay as well. They wanted someone from Christine's past to be there when she woke up…just in case it jogged her memory….
Andrew made sure that Meg was comfortable…. He was always there when she needed something or someone to talk to…Meg was enjoying his company. She felt slightly shy around him… Nadir and Rebecca saw this …and thought it was amusing to watch them…
The second night that Meg had stayed there…. Andrew was there helping her with the difficult task of writing to her mother…
Meg knew that her mother would probably faint…. with the news that Christine was alive… Meg even explained in the letter of how Nadir and the others had found her…up to the point of Megs discovery….
She didn't want to tell her by letter but how else was she going to tell her…. she was far from home…
Meg only hoped that the maid would be there to help her for when she fainted ……

A week went by and Christine was getting worse. Her fever was off and on with the meds the doctor was giving her. She was starting to hallucinate now…. Talking in her sleep… to people that weren't even there… Meg even swore she once heard her talking to her father. The doctor warned them all that if the fever continued… it would be fatal… this worried Meg. She wasn't ready to lose her friend again… Of course Andrew was there to comfort her. Eventually Meg fell asleep in a chair next to Christine's bed…while Andrew went and talked to Nadir and Rebecca.
"NOOOOO!" A voice screamed!.
Meg jumped so high from her chair and nearly fell on the floor. It was Christine screaming. After the initial shock wore off… She went to her side. Christine was hallucinating again…. But this time it was violent. She was thrashing herself on the bed…. Meg tried to calm her friend and hold her down. Christine's arm came up and struck her in the face, knocking her to the floor.
Nadir, Rebecca and Andrew burst in the room after hearing the scream. They all saw Meg on the ground holding her face, and Christine violently toss and turning. Andrew went to help Meg up. He saw that she was crying, he looked and saw a her bottom lip bleeding. Nadir and Rebecca went to Christine.
"S-she didn't mean it… she's hallucinating again!" …Meg managed to say in-between sobs.
"Is she alright Andrew?" Nadir asked glancing over to Meg, while he was holding a struggling Christine. Andrew nodded.
By now Rebecca was at Meg's side as well holding and comforting her. Andrew went to help Nadir…
"NO!… Let go of ME!" Christine yelled. Her forehead was drenched with sweat…
Andrew and Nadir tried their best to calm her by saying her name and telling her that things were all right… and that she was safe…but it had no effect. Christine struggled harder… and even started to kick with her feet. While Andrew Nadir held on to her, Rebecca and Meg watched silently feeling useless….
"NO!…You won't take ME AGAIN!…HELP! Please... SOMEONE!…NOOO!" she screamed as she struggled she was starting to cry now.
"Oh… No!" Rebecca gasped!
"What?"… Meg replied feeling frightened.
"Christine is reliving what happened to her that night!" she replied. Meg gasped.
Christine was getting to much for them to handle, they needed a doctor before she hurt herself or them…
"Rebecca!…. Get the doctor! She needs to be sedated!" Nadir yelled to his wife. She nodded and left Meg standing there, just starring.
"Let…GO!…Please!…N-No…. please don't hurt him! R-Raoul! RAOUL RUN!…. Please don't DIE!"…. Christine wailed as tears streamed down her face. She was crying hard now… She was losing strength. She sank into Nadir's arms…. just crying…
Meg stood there too…. crying … she couldn't bare her friends pain… it was too much… she put her hands to her ears to muffle out the cries. When she heard no screaming just sobbing, she uncovered them, and walked closer to the bed.
Christine looked up to Nadir … and just starred…
"Please!… Don't let them hurt me anymore…my body hurts …make the pain stop"…. She pleaded.
Nadir looked at her…. "Don't worry Child…I won't let them…. Your safe"… he said crying…
It was getting too much for him. By that time the doctor came and sedated her…. She slowing drifted back to sleep…
There wasn't a dry eye in the room… Christine affected them all.

Nadir and Rebecca went to there master bedroom…
"Nadir…. are you sure about this?" Rebecca questioned him as she helped him gather things.
"Yes…. I have to find Erik…. If I can save him by his own destruction… and bring him back … and have him bring back her memories as well… then she too can be saved!… I can't do Nothing any longer!" he said frustrated….
"I know what happened tonight affected you…. It was very emotional…but my dear… be sure you know what your doing by going!…. Are you sure you know where he might be?" She asked.
"I have some idea… I showed him where to go the last time I was there with him…. And I know him! ……. I have to do something… I can't live any longer knowing two people suffer when I can maybe help them both somehow!" he replied.
She nodded in agreement. He went to her up and kissed her passionately. When they broke he said….
"I will be fine…my love" Then kissed her again…

Meg sat there starring at the wall with tears in her eyes…. Andrew was with her, but she asked him gently for privacy. He nodded and left the room…
Once he left she broke into tears… She couldn't stop. She felt like a waterfall. Everything that had happened for the past week had finally hit her… she was so scared of losing her friend again…. It hurt more than before… to finally find her, just to lose her again… it was too much to bear…. Meg was crying so much that she didn't even see Christine stir in her bed.
Her head hurt… but all she heard was crying. Who was crying like that? … She thought. She looked to her side and saw a blonde haired girl with her head in her hands sobbing…
"M-Meg?" She whispered….
Meg glanced quickly towards the voice…. She gasped and felt her eyes well up with more tears…
"Christine?" she replied slightly shocked.
"Meg my friend…why are you crying?" Christine questioned… with a smile on her pale face…
Meg's voice was caught up in her throat… Christine was looking at her and had said her name! Was this real? She thought. She cleared her throat…
"You know who I am?"…. She questioned in disbelief.
"Of course I do… Your my best friend… you're the same girl that always got us into trouble at the Opera Populaire…when we were children!" Christine replied with a slight giggle.
Meg knew she was joking with her now…she started to giggle as well….
"It was even worse when my mother got a hold of us" Meg replied joking as well.
Meg then held Christine's hand…
"I can't believe that I am here talking to you…do you really remember who you are?" Meg asked still not convinced. Christine nodded.
"How could I forget you…. and Mme Giry?" she replied.
Meg gave her a hug, then left the room yelling for Nadir, Rebecca and Andrew…..
Christine sat there, as she watched her friend leave with excitement…. She leaned her head back on the pillow…she gave out a long sigh.
"I remember…I remember everything!" she whispered out loud… as a tear rolled down her cheek……….

...The plot thickens hehe
I hope you all like this chapter… I found it a bit challenging to write….
I promise you guys…THE NEXT CHAPTER…. you'll want to read!… hehe
I will have it soon…..
Ps: comment if you wish….
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