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Where has the time gone (poem)  Post [1]

Where has the time gone?
The time that I used to think never went by fast enough, now wont slow down.
I now wish I would have never wished for it to speed up, because now it wont slow down.
I feel as if my life has passed me by.
If I blink I will miss something.

Just yesterday I was starting Kindergarten and meeting new friends.
Just Yesterday I thought boys had cooties.
Just yesterday I never knew heart brake.
Just yesterday the only thing that could brake my heart was falling down, or loosing my favorite toy, Now it has a new meaning totally different from falling.
Now Boys can have more then just cooties.
Now instead of making friends we loose friends because of silly little things.

I want to go back just to prevent myself from wishing time would speed up, because it wont slow down.
I want to stop myself from meeting that silly little boy.
We all have regrets, but thats what makes us smarter.
With out regrets we have no lessons to learn.
With out lessons we wont learn.
With out learning we gain no knowledge.
With out knowledge what will we have?

Amanda shouts to Benjamin as he is walking away. "You'r a thief walking away from the crime scene!" Benjamin looks at Amanda with a confused look "What are you talking about?" Amanda running to him and embracing him in a hug. " You stole my heart and where leaving with out a farewell kiss." Both smile and seal the deal with a kiss till the morning comes when it can be done again.
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