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Unhappy Ending (Kay based angst- the Giovanni portion through Erik's POV)  Post [1] »

“Erik, I would like you to and come meet my youngest daughter, Luciana.” With that short phrase, my master sealed my fate… and hers. I remember staring at her, my heart heavy with sorrow and regret, for the beautiful creature who stood before me was unlike anything I had seen before in my 15 years, more beautiful even than the majestic structures my master had shown me in our time together, more gorgeous even than my mother, and she had been a rare beauty. Luciana… The name even now brings to my mind a blooming flower; she was so young, so delicate. And I had been unable to tell her my feelings, for such a lovely creature did not deserve a monster such as myself.

Day after day, I would bury myself in work, either at the site, or in my cellar, tinkering with various objects, or playing the spinet. I avoided her as best I could, for I knew the effect my devilish voice had on women, and I could not risk her gaining an attraction to me. But, unfortunately, it came to my knowledge that the tragedy had already befallen us. She was entranced with the music that I would send up from the cellar, in the pitiful notes that represented all of my pain and anguish. I soon became aware of the young girl sitting on the cold stairs every night in her shift, listening dreamily to my melodies, and I overheard her telling my master that she would die if she were parted from me. I regret to say that the poor girl died because of me.

Then the rumors began at the site. That wretch had seen me elsewhere; it served me right for not running from those Gypsy vermin earlier. I was angry… and worried. Would Luciana hear those rumors, which were unmistakably true? My master must have had his suspicions about what lay behind the mask, though he did not voice them. And so, every night when I would return home from the site, I would go straight to the cellar. I did not realize how it angered her until that morning… Perhaps that night’s events would not have occurred if I had handled it differently. She would come to bother me, something I was very used to by that time. However, she was especially cruel then; it was if she had forgotten everything I had done for her: the garden, the bench… I had spent hours on that bloody bench!

She was touching everything! That damn girl would leave nothing alone! I tried my best to be civil with her, and then… She wanted to know how they worked. But I knew what it was she really wanted; she just wanted to hear me speak. My voice was addicting, just like the morphine to which I later gained an obsession. I told her no, that she would never understand whether I told her or not. In all truth, I wasn’t lying. It was much above her understanding.

Then she accused me, rather vividly, of refusing her demand because nothing worked. And she began to throw them about, my anger increasing with each given moment. My hand trembled, and my eyes locked onto the knife that lay on a small table just within my reach. I wanted to kill her, I realized with horror, and I stomped away, pushing past my master. I just had to get her out of my sight, and stay away until the urge to end her life right then.

I returned late that night, and collapsed onto that bench on the roof, that bench I had built for her. I heard her approach, and then she said the words I had dreading. “I want you to take off the mask.” I felt the blood drain from my already pale face, and I tried to excuse myself. My master blocked my way, and he told me sadly, that it would be best to do what Luciana had ordered. I cannot imagine the pained look of horror, which must have crossed my face at those words. My mouth went dry, and my hands trembled as I turned around to face Luciana. In that instant, I did not care what she would say, for deep in my heart, I already knew. Another unhappy ending was waiting for me, and I whipped that horrid piece of plaster off with such velocity, that it even startled me.

However, that was not the most shock the girl would receive in her final moments. She gazed at me, her mouth open in a scream that would not escape her lips. I felt all hope I’d had leave me, as her hands flung up in an attempt to keep me away, as if I were a wild animal. I watched helplessly, as she turned around and ran from me. No, I later realized, not from me, but from the face that had cursed me since birth. My face took her life, as she ran into the balustrade. That stonework, that I had warned my master of long before then, crumbled, and it collapsed on top of her, sending it all down to the courtyard.

The look of horror that must have graced my hideous face… My master and I hurried down to the courtyard, and I watched as he lifted her broken body out of the remains of the accident, and I followed him inside the house, as he lay her down on the sofa. We both stood there; he did not say a word, but I allowed a choked sob to escape me. My master never blamed me, but I did. And, without a word to him, and without even bothering to gather my belongings, I left that place.

I never looked back, for all I could see was her face, that beautiful, angelic, face… Into the darkness I fled, leaving behind the best years of my life, and the master whom I had grown to love as both a friend and father. Sir… Never again would that title leave my lips to address another human being. That man had given me my humanity. And all at once, it disappeared. I truly was a monster.

Wandering child, so lost, so helpless... Yearning for my guidance."
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