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The Start Of The End (Lashell's Story)  Post [1]

... Chapter One ...

Where was she, why couldn't she remember and what was that repetitive beeping? The antiseptic smell was bad enough.
Her eyes, they were so heavy and why when she forced her eyes to butterfly open did it feel like one was still closed?
She tried to move her hand upward but something wasn't working, her arm was moving.... at least she thought it was, it felt... it felt... actually she didn't know how it felt for she couldn't actually fell it at all. In fact the whole left side of her body was completely and utterly numb.
It was only as she tried to move, to stand that she realized wires, wires everywhere all all hooked up to a certain point. The opened eye traveled. White nothing but white where pink should be. Bandage... crape almost like a Mummy and all the wires connected within this wrapped arm.
Confusion, what else could there be?
A voice, she tried to sound her voice but words ran dry on parched lips. What on Earth had happened and were on Earth was she?

_ The nurse rushed in, doubtful that the young child would be awake yet. Poor child, trapped within a fire losing everything and gaining burns to one whole side of her body.

Lashell Richards, it was the one thing that they knew about the girl that and the fact that she had once been the daughter of one of the doctors. She still was save for the fact that Mr and Miss Richards had both been killed by the quickly spreading flames and how was she to explain that to the girl? How was she to explain that without any blood family she was to be placed in foster care? It was not something she looked forward to and with any luck wouldn't have to for awhile yet.

As she rounded the corner she saw that she had no such luck. The time had come to reveal that this child's life had changed forever.

_ Panic had started to set in, the beeping started to come louder and faster. In the back of her mind she knew she was in hospital, she had visited her father there many times while he had been working. Maybe that's what she was doing here, then why all the wire? Surly all she'd have to do was wait and he'd explain.
But this train of though didn't seem to rise to the surface and it was a stranger who entered her room and not her father.

"Who are you?" she wanted to voice, demand but still no words come over her lips.

The fear started to set in, the panic starting to spread. Where was her father, or her mother for that matter? Surly one of them would be here.

"It's alright" a voice came making Lashell look up. "Here, try and drink this. Slowly"

Lashell's eyes landed on what she could only come to realize as a nurse. In her hand she held out a glass of clear liqaud, water.

Her mouth did feel dry, her thoart seemed like it had never known the touch of something cool and oh that glass did look inviting.

Reaching out her left hand Lashell realized her mistake. As soon as she did her eyes once more landed on all the wires, the white that incased them and tears started to roll down her cheek.

"Easy child, everythings going to be alright."

The nurse steeped closer this time placing the glass in Lashell's right hand, there was just one problem... out of 70-90% of people that were right handed she just happened to be of of those 10% people whose left hand was better.

Still reaching out for the glass with a slightly shaking hand she brought it to her lip.

It almost felt like ice as it slid downwards, as if she had just swollowed magic. Sip after sip and finally she felt like she could talk again but so many questions ran through her head. Where to start?

"W...w...where's my father?"

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