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The Wedding Mask and A Christmas Carriage Ride (POTO Story Collections)  Post [1] »

Hi :) I recently released two story collections. A Christmas Carriage Ride features three seasonal tales set around Christine's and Erik's relationship alongside other stories inspired by Dracula, fairy tales, Frankenstein and Sleepy Hollow.
The Wedding Mask And Other Tales is a 15 short story collection focused on The Phantom of the Opera, some dark, some fairy tales and a few fantasy stories mixed in. Marcia Dye created the beautiful front covers.

Free previews can be read here:

The Wedding Mask

A Christmas Carriage Ride

Every rose must have her thorns.

In this collection of fifteen short stories inspired by Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera, Christine Daaé finds herself in strange realms, but one thing is always certain – the two men she must choose between.

Who will she pick? Raoul de Chagny, her childhood friend, who is rich, handsome and kind? Or Erik? The Phantom? A man who can create and destroy, who terrifies her yet understands and nurtures the potential within her?

Stories seen through different eyes: Meg’s as she notices odd changes in Christine’s demeanor, Raoul looking back on what could have been, Christine torn between two lovers, and Erik’s descent into madness and loneliness. Tales set before, during and after the catastrophic events of The Phantom of the Opera, and others in entirely different worlds . . .

These are her choices, and the consequences of each one.

The Wedding Mask
When Christine receives a mysterious package, Meg notices a curious change in her friend.

At a festival of masks, a nightingale asks a riddle that stumps all but the crow . . .

In another world, Christine Daaé never went to the Opera house. Alone and struggling to survive as a lace maker, she finds herself at the edge of the Seine, following a beautiful song. Yet her father always warned her a monster lives down there.

Drenched Rats
Erik’s home under the Opera house has flooded, and he must find somewhere to shelter from the rain.

Raoul returns from yet another voyage. It has been twenty years since Christine rejected his proposal. When he goes to the Opera, who will he find?

The Dancer
Salome, a dancer for the cruel child-empress, encounters the court genie – a masked man who calls himself Erik. But, when a room of mirrors is designed, death becomes the next courtier.

The Painting
Vignette. Erik peers behind the mirror to gaze upon Christine and draw her portrait.

Christine has run off with Raoul to fondly look back on their childhood, but when Erik comes for her she slips into a nightmare . . .

Another world, where a boat from Sweden to France was wrecked, drowning a violinist and his daughter. Slowly dying from loneliness, Erik buys clay from a crone and moulds a woman who will not look at him in disgust. Then the statue opens her eyes, and has nightmares about a shipwreck. Inspired by the Pygmalion myth.

Death And The Nightingale
A party in the Paris catacombs turns sour when Red Death arrives.

Sewer Maze
Christine is dragged below the Opera house and kept prisoner by a devil known only as Erik, but stumbles upon an unusual ally.

Holiday Romance
In 2017, Christine Vålnad flies to Paris to meet her old friend Meg. However, although she has never been to France before, the buildings are too familiar, and there’s talk of a ghost from the Opera house.

As Quiet As A Mouse
It is Christmas day, and when Erik brings Christine her gift he discovers more than a mouse stirring.

Christine takes her daughter to a puppet show, but the puppet wears an all too familiar mask.

Christine surprises Erik when he shows her his collection of masks.

In A Christmas Carriage Ride (The Phantom of the Opera), Christine Daae finds herself locked out of the Opera House on a freezing cold night. Before the singer becomes an icy statue, a mysterious cloaked stranger bundles her into a carriage and takes her around Paris. Could he be the Angel of Music, who has been teaching her these past few years?

Christine Daae’s story is revisited in Reveillon. The champagne is flowing and the party has only just begun, but when she becomes lost in the Opera House cellars and frightened by the unnerving rat catcher, she stumbles into a passage. Blindly wandering in the dark, she comes across a dwelling in the catacombs. Will she bring some Christmas cheer to a lonely soul?

The last story, The Final Dance, is set several years after the events of The Phantom of the Opera. Raoul and Christine are invited to a party at the Opera House. However, there are phantoms still haunting Christine, and she must say goodbye to one.
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Name: Kitty | Gender: female | Posts: 15 | Roses: 10
Old 04-02-2018 at 06:31 PM
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 Post [2] »

I now also have a short reading of one of my stories from The Wedding Mask And Other Tales :)
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