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Name: Rose | Gender: Phantom XD | Posts: 6 | Roses: 10
Old 07-10-2007 at 05:51 PM
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.:. Dead Love Gallery .:. Graphics by Rose  Post [1]

Well, I'm brand new here (literally) but I thought I'd post a banner shop because I have nothing better to do, and I love making banners. I usually do 450x150, but since this site allows larger, I'll be happy to make anyone a larger banner, as long as it's within this site's guidelines. :) You can borrow anything in the example section as long as you post in here and let me have a heads-up, I simply ask that you credit me and not steal my work. Comments and friendly advice is very welcome.

Intricant Examples:

Currently...I'm a bad person and don't have any PotO XDDD Treason. Nice. I'll be making some soon so I don't look completely stupid.

Intricant Requests:

Please try and fill out this form if you want to request

Pictures: (I won't picture hunt for you)
Border: (Normal, jagged, rounded rectangle, freestyle like the fairy one. If you'd like an example that isn't up here, just let me know)
Anything Else:

Hope you can enjoy my work. I'll be editing. ;)

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Name: MystMoonstruck aka Cyn | Gender: REDHEAD! | Posts: 5,059 | Roses: 235
Old 07-11-2007 at 08:20 AM
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 Post [2]

They're all quite good, with beautiful blends, rather like watercolors. Although I can't read most of the words because of poor eyesight, I can appreciate that they are delicate and lovely works. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you receive requests for banners.

The Rosalina one is especially lovely, with its sunrise/sunset colors. I love the pink-gold mix.

Some remind me of pages in fashion magazines I received from penpals in places like Greece and Germany--the sort of collage effect.

I hope that you'll post more very soon.

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