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The Phantom of Valletta Re-Released March 2011 (A Phantom of the Opera Novel)  Post [1]

The Phantom of Valletta has been re-released at a new lower price through Holland Legacy Publishing for $12.99 in print and $2.99 in eBook. I'm very pleased with the new interior, which fixed a few items thanks to my Maltese friends who love the book and gave me some historical advice. The Sunday Times, Malta, was gracious enough to agree endorsing the book with a quote on the newly revised front and back cover too.

Though the book hasn't seen much interest in the Phantom community yet, I'm very happy for how many on the isle of Malta have embraced the story with great enthusiasm. The fact that I took the infamous Phantom of the Opera and brought him to a highly beloved opera house that once stood on their island, has stirred Phantom fans in that area of the world. It only shows to me how our beloved Opera Ghost continues to incite interest worldwide in the hearts of many.

In any event, here is a link to Amazon and a picture of the new cover and trailer. Thanks all.


The Phantom of Valletta Book Trailer

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Hi dear member,

Awesome post, thanking a lot
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