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Name: Julia | Gender: female | Age: 26 | Posts: 18 | Roses: 10
Old 03-16-2009 at 12:49 AM
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Why did christine take off Erik's mask?  Post [1] »

This is something im a bit confused about-why did christine unmask Erik (phantom) in front of the audience when she had already tried to do so before ( cant remember the name of the scene) and more importantly, if she was kind enough to kiss him in the end-why did she unmask him before the audience? Was she prompted by Rauol?
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Name: Laura | Gender: Female | Age: 21 | Posts: 101 | Roses: 10
Old 04-23-2009 at 09:11 AM
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 Post [2] » my opinion, I don't think she did it to humiliate him by the way she looked at him after it. I think she just wanted him to be himself and stop hiding from the world.

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Name: Tian/Lia | Gender: Nutcase | Age: 21 | Posts: 703 | Roses: 74
Old 04-23-2009 at 12:01 PM
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 Post [3] »

Now that actually is a good question. See in the musical stage version, Christine unmasks him in front of the audience to show who is really is.

But in the movie, the audience seem to already know that the man playing Don Juan is someone else, and Christine has that sad expression on her face when he sings All I ask of You to her.
For the movie Christine, I'm still not quite sure exactly why she unmasked him. It's quite a big debate going over in my head on that....

The musical, Christine doesn't realise that the Phantom had taken Piangi's role until they sing the last verse together, and then she's trying to get away from his grasp.

Movie Christine knew who it was almost immediately.
Does that make any sense? I dunno...

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Name: Rose/Michele | Gender: A Woe to Man | Posts: 1,712 | Roses: 220
Old 04-27-2009 at 08:55 AM
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 Post [4] »

Yeah, the first time I watched the '04 version, I had no idea why she took his mask off at the end of PONR. I still don't really know. It's much clearer in the stage version, depending on who plays Christine, but I'll save that for the stage show thread.

My best answer as to why she did it would be something corny and cliché: she wanted to try to show him that his face doesn't scare her, she didn't want him to hide anymore... These, I think are still weak reasons, but those are my cheap two cents.

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Name: Viktoria | Gender: A proper young lady | Age: 20 | Posts: 1,438 | Roses: 144
Old 04-27-2009 at 12:54 PM
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 Post [5] »

No one's two cents are cheap, m'dear ;)

Well, to be honest, it really doesn't make sense in the movie to me either. I guess it's because in the book, she removes his mask much eariler because she wanted to see who her angel of music really was. At this time, the reader gets told what he looks like. However, since the real unmasking in the musical is during his opera where it would have been in STYDI. They flip-flopped the unmasking because they wanted suspense from the audience. But, Christine had already seen his face, so why was there need for another unmasking?

My opinion is that really, in the movie mind you, it was just put in there so the people watching the movie could see Erik's face. How this unmasking is different or more important than the first is beyond me, but in the movie, I do find the second quite pointless.

You may argue and say something like "She wanted to love him and his face" but she already tried to do that! Here Erik is, proposing to her, she's smiling, and she does what? Rips off the poor man's mask. Not out of anger, spite, or fear, but out of love? Because that's the only real emotion that Emmy's Christine was displaying. Then suddenly she's horror-struck by his face (AGAIN).

In the stage version, well that's a different case. Sometimes the Christine is trying to protect herself or she's frightened and acts in a similar way that Erik does with a certain chandelier. But the movie, I'm at a blank with her real motive.

The more I talk about it, the more confused I get. I really think that it's more Emmy Rossum's portyal to blame for our question...
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Name: Patricia Jane [pətrɪʃə dʒeɪn] | Gender: Escapist | Age: 20 | Posts: 2,302 | Roses: 50
Old 05-16-2009 at 09:09 PM
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 Post [6] »

Well, it really does depend on which version you saw. Just as we all know the stage version doesn't happen the exact way every time. Perhaps the actress's expressions are set, but perhaps she might have changed the timing to her expressing, even this small detail could alter the way people thing of their purpose. Since we can watch the video over and over and over until we turn blue we can actually study why and what for their purpose was.

We really can't determine, but you could try to understand the actress's objectives in their strategy of taking on this character. Everyone does the part differently, so you really can't say what's right and wrong.

Emmy, I think, did great in the part at such an age, I know I couldn't even if i were 28 and she was 16 when she took this role.

I personally think that Emmy wanted her action to be read as to show that Christine had compassion for Erik and perhaps she could show that by showing that she didn't care about what he looked like. I think that she was scare because Erik had reacted so harshly, not necessary scared by how he looked.
I'm not sure about you, this is only my opinion...

What do you think ???

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Name: Linda | Gender: Female | Posts: 62 | Roses: 10
Old 09-29-2014 at 05:42 PM
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 Post [7] »

She might have unmasked him for revenge.
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