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Katherine Oblonsky  Post [1]

Username: La Masque
Character: Katherine Oblonsky
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Occupation: vocalist instructor
AI: Catherine Zeta Jones

Appearance: Katherine has dark brown eyes and hair that is so dark, sometimes it's hard to distinguish between brown and black. She has fairly plump lips and her eyebrows are arched, so she constantly looks like she's either the biggest wiseguy in the world, or constantly pissed. She is thin and tan and is proud of her body. Katherine stands at 5' 5" and loves to dress in things she can move around in, like baggy blouses and comfy jeans. She wears tight tops as well, but not so tight they squeeze her boobs out the hole her head is supposed to stick through and she can't breathe. She loves pointy shoes with heels. Her taste in jewelry is somewhat abstract and ranges from feminine and sparkly to something she bought from a street vendor for twenty bucks. She always wears perfume and tries to make her makeup fit her mood and her outfit. Most of the time her hair can be found tied up in a colored ribbon or some intricate clip.

Personality: She acts the way she has to, to get what she wants. If you disgust her, and she doesn't need you, she may very well punch your lights out, or even land you in a hospital bed. If she 'needs' you or needs something from you, she can be as sweet as she needs to be. Sometimes, depending on the situation, brown-nosing is even an option. Katherine has also been known to play mind-games. She knows her limits, and if you're one of the people she may need for the time being, she turns on her venemous charm. Before you know it, she'll have you so blackmailed and cornered into submission your only safe place of refuge would be an asylum. Katherine also doesn't seem to like it when people do things for her unless she makes them do it via blackmail or personal power even if it's something small like getting a cup of coffee for her. She loves the feelings of achievement, control, and power as well as a good challenge; because of this she would do anything to come across something that really challenges her. Katherine also has a thing for logic and math puzzles. She normally doesn't seem as dangerous as she is on the inside, she has a sweet disposition, and her brilliant mind can soak up information like a sponge, analyze it, and spit it out on demand. She is a perfectionist, and a huge flirt.

History: Katherine Oblonsky had a somewhat complicated childhood. Her mother was German, and her father was an American in the navy. He met her and took her to America with him then boom about two years later Katherine popped into the world. She was a beautiful child, all blonde hair, blue eyes, and rosy complexion. She was a daddy's girl to the extreme, and so thank's to mommy's money, she was spoiled.

She moved around alot, but it was mostly to new bases in America. She loved to read at a young age, (about one and a half) so by the time she was in third grade she had an almost college level vocabulary. She loved mysteries and books about people like doctor's essays and those how to be a mommy type books people buy when they are about to have a child. One of the books she read said that in a moving, unstable family your child had to find a common ground. That year, at age ten, she found several. The first was music. Her mom played piano and danced (she was a ballroom instructor with years of gymnastics) so music was always present in the household. Another common ground she found was the nature of certain people. Her mother, for example, was usually very picky about certain things, and loved to feminize almost everything she came in contact with. She also seemed to grab something to drink when she was mad, frustrated, sad, from a big bottle with a red X on it that she told Katherine was her medicine. Her father was always ready to roughouse, and was always willing to teach Katherine just about anything he would have taught to a son, as well as a daughter, and would always answer her questions bluntly and truthfully.

She wondered why people acted this way all the time so she decided to read about it and find out, and with her access it wasn't that hard. Her reading level was so far up her parents didn't know what on earth she was turning the pages of. So all she had to do was keep her grades up to keep suspicion at bay (this she learned from the therapy books.) Then when her father was out all she had to do was get her ignorant mother to take her to the library, where she would have hours alone with her books, and whatever she didn't finish, she checked out. If she really liked it she would buy it with the once a month allowance of fifty dollars she recieved from her parents and almost never spent.

By the time she was in fourth grade she had a mental reserve that Dr. Phil would have loathed. She found out that people both trusted, respected, and hated her being smart. They really hated it when they were older than her. She also found out that if she kept reading at that rate, she could be a certified genius if she put her mind to it, and wanted to stretch her knowledge. She started doing sudokus, rubics cubes, and the morning crosswords. She also read into more subjects like the fictuous writings of Shakespear and Poe, with a little bit of Charels Dickens and Emily Dickenson. Because of the way these authors wrote, she had to read more into history to understand the dialouge and timeset. She watched nature documentaries, and read briefly about science and scientific nature, (it disgusted her once she found out where babies come from.) She also got more into the computer. She loved computers, they were nothing like people, and did exactly what you told them to when you told them to. Computers could even play games like chess better than people, and you could download books onto computers. The vast intake overwhelmed her somewhat, so by fifth grade she had narrowed down her stimulation to puzzles, books mostly based on human minds and mystery, and her computer along with whatever her gifted and talented teacher wanted to give her for homework.

She kept reading and with the help of her now accurate Shakespearian vocabulary and her Webster dictionary, she found out several things. One was that her father was a truly busy man, but enjoyed the bustling and seemed to get a rush from huge procrastination. He also wasn't much of a romantic, but like Katherine he seemed to analyze what he seemed necessary enough to fully absorb.

She also realized her mother was not happy. She could only deduct that it was for two reasons: one, she was more her father's raising than her mother's and her mother had always wanted a beautiful blonde, popluar girl. She got the blonde part, but her daughter could throw a dizzying right hook (she broke her father's nose once) and her nicknames ranged from nerd to the Human Dictionary, some clever kids also called her The Spider as a tacky spin off of Merriam Webster. Katherine decided to change just a little for her mother. She went shopping and wore makeup and got a boyfriend. She was also able to use her knowledge to get other students to willingly bend to her will, and she had friends, as well as the occasional boyfriend. She also thought piano might not hurt. It turned out Katherine loved music once she started and even got her father to pay for singing lessons. In seventh grade she got a flute for band and played it as often as she could. This improved her mother's mood a little, but she was still upset with something. This was when Katherine found out reason number two: she wasn't satisfied with her father. Her mother had grown up as someone who constantly needed compliments and little nice pieces of fluff to hear, and with Katherine's father MIA so she found someone to do those things for her, she had also taken a strong liking to her medicine.
One night after her medicinal cherry she thought it would be a good idea to drug Katherine with about a half a bottle of Riddilin so she could go visit her 'friend.' Katherine wasn't pleased at having been tried to be tricked, and so poorly as that to boot. She got her revenge with her mother's face powder and some itching solution, she also managed to put a little bit of her school's de-solidified potassium in the shower head before her mother got in. The result--an untraceable mystery rash and a black eye. She also showed her father the information (about half the pills were still undissolved by the time he got back) and they were divorced.

Conveniently afterwards she moved bases again to Canada. With the help of her social knowledge and her clothes her mother had bought her as well as her natural good looks, she was up in social rank in no time. So in ninth grade she was finally popular, and thanks to the school system there, she was finally rewarded. She found she loved being accoladed, but found she could live without as well thanks to what her mother's addiction for compliments had escaladed into. She kept up with band and choir, and her love of music grew even more, as well as her social interest. One of her very best friends was a boy named Josue Rousseau. She could tell by his attitude that he had a crush on her, and she decided to play with him a little, all of her relationships had been 'forced' in a way, and this was her first infatuation. She helped him with his classes, or tried to, and kept a mild, non-physical relationship. Then two years later she moved away, and never even bothered to keep in touch, she had new worries now. She had a new school and a new academic system back in America. She had a new theory that you were more like the people you hung out with, so she started in with the AP courses and hung out with cheerleaders, but would turn around and go play in the band at a pep-rally. She was an overachiever and an extreme social butterfly. She had learned to do certain things to keep her personality in neutral now, so the social scales wouldn't be weighted no matter what she did.

She graduated validictorian, but her father wasn't there to see it. She found out later that he had been bombed, and her mother had been 'mysteriously' murdered by her man-friend. Her father had willed her the house his father had willed him, and had bought her a car for her graduation present, paid for with government money. Her mother hadn't cut her out of the will for whatever reason, may it be her interest in other affairs or her simple-minded idiocity. She ended up getting 2.5 million dollars after buying a proper memorial for her father.
She found out the house was in California. It was a lovely Victorian/Gothic style house with three stories. After furnishing the house properly, and giving it small cosmetic remodles (chrome finishes, new paint jobs, fixing some wrot-iron) she moved in with about 1 mill. left.

She applied for a place at Stanford University and got in on an academic/music scholarship and had a free ride to college. She got interested in a degree as a docotor of the mind. She wound up working for a Masters accompanied with a therapedic license so huge she could probably apply for a position at the world's most high security asylum.

She decided to rent out her unused maid's quarters for a small chunk of extra change, as well as social interaction. She was now addicted to emotional, mental, and overall being analyzation, and found herself worked up on new challenges. Once she found out their personality, she could twist hers to play their weak, empathetic, putty-like minds so they would sing like a canary to her every whim and question. Then sometimes just so she could prove herself, her very friends would become her patients.
This became her new hobby and soon she was practically I.V.-ed to power.

About once a week she would go out to a popular club and see how many men she could attract and how many fights she could start and control. She also kept track of how many women she could anger, then please, then torture in the same night. It was all a fun game to her. One particular night she decided to put on one of her best dresses and put on her best makeup and perfume, she even decided to drive her power ride that night. She had two cars. One was a little silver convertible top bug she drove just about everywhere. The other was a black Ferrari she drove only when she was on a control freak high, being the perfectionist she was. She went to some club and danced a little, perhaps had something to drink. She had been conversing with one man all night and was finally drawing him into her web of control when someone interrupted. He was handsome, and had an irresistable ambiance. Katherine was ready to swap targets and use her venom to make him pay for interrupting her little game. Then she made the mistake of looking into his blue eyes. Those piercing blue eyes that ruined her concentration and made the hunter the prey at long last. The Spider had been tangled in her web. The man that was able to woo her was named Damon Caffrey. By the end of the night he had talked her into a date. At first she was confused. She had loved staring into those eyes when they were right in front of her, but now she hated them and wondered how she was so easily drawn in. She had to investigate, maybe she could learn something from this little fly who had wandered into her web before she drained him of mortal sanity. Every time she met with Damon she was a new person, she wanted to know more about him not for analyzation, but for emotional reasons. He had opened a new file in her computer of a brain, and no matter how much she absolutely hated it, she couldn't help but love him. Soon she found herself willing him to be with her, and not wanting to drive him away she wanted to control him in new ways. Like a person, not a patient. It came as no surprise to her when he asked her to move in (she couldn't help but basically analyze what he did let show) and she accepted the offer. She found it funny that he too was working on a degree in the field of mental health, but found no reason to tell him of her own personal progressing attempt at her Masters. The more information she offered, the more he gained, and she still hadn't figured him out all the way. She stayed in school and followed a degree with her passion for music, wanting to be a choir teacher. She went a little farther than that, wanting to not only meet but push her limits and got a certificate of approval that said she could teach operatic choir as well.

Damon ended up having more money than Katherine thought, and they ended up living lavishly. He seemed to take pride in spoiling her, and it led her more and more into her new theory. She had always considered mental comprehension and stability to be ranks of hiearcheal statas, but not once had she taken the variable of compatibility into consideration. While it was impossible to find a perfect mental match, it was possible to find a similar piece, like one of the squares on her old rubics cubes. She was finally breaking her wall of suspicion around Damon, and her own mental barriers were slightly at ease. Then she got dreadfully sick. She was having night-chills and extreme fevers, vomiting uncontrollably. She went to the doctor and found out the illness was a self induced illness...she was stressed. Extremely stressed. Something about her newfound lifestyle was stressing her body, and it was reacting extremely. They gave her some calcium supplement to relax her cardiac and set her up with weekly physical therapy to relax her muscles. In the car on the way home she had a shocking realization. Ever since she had been with Damon she had been able to relax. HE had controlled most everything, the money, the house was in his name, and he even controlled HER to a certain extent. She was furious. She dumped the calcium pills and started drinking extra coffee to put her on edge. She also hired someone to take her place at physical therapy, it isn't hard to stress someone, and when you had access to her sort of money it wasn't hard to make sure there were no leaks. She went home and raided Damon's study for extra money to pay the woman she hired. She pulled out a wad of bills and flipped through them, counting them out, then she noticed something. The scerial numbers were precisely consecutive. She also noticed the Treasurer's signature was slightly crooked from the bills in her own purse. She was even madder, there was a new piece of his life she didn't know about or control in the least, and he had done it so he could continue to make her happy. Calm, happy, loving Katherine was now gone, and The Spider had taken her place with venemous intentions. That night she questioned him and got him to crack and tell her what she wanted to know. The small feeling of power and achievement pulsed through her veins. She now knew that he had been counterfeiting for quite some time, and had quite a bit of false money tucked away. She put this information and figured he had more to hide. Sure enough, when she really looked around her and dug for the information, she found it. She wanted in, and she got her wish. Shortly after she became involved in Damon's life again, the police found out about the counterfeiting, so her love hid the money without telling her where. Every time she asked and tried to pop the answer out, she didn't get one. She tried to get it out with emotional guilt, and used mental techniques that would have made any other man's knees buckle. He didn't crack, but he would pay. She hated ignorance, it was what separated her from her former patients with weak mental guards and the too tempting call of corruptability. One night, she went back to her old house near Stanford and clued the police. She literally found herself laughing with glee when she saw the cars zoom by, sirens wailing. She knew somehow through all the maddness that what she did was wrong and decided to give him a second chance. She went there and asked again, she even used her ace in the deck. She had threatened to leave him. He still refused, and then even had the nerve to make a request. She could have let him rot in prison, but her stupid theory of compatability stood in the way. She helped him get out, but she decided it was time for something new. She needed control again.

She found the video of Damons first jail break at the place she had set up for him to be. She then used her knowledge of computer workings to edit the video. She stripped it down to mechanics, and made her hand tap out morse code HELP, it said. Then she re-loaded her image, cleaned up the pixels, and redid the lighting. It was seamless. She then etched the address of Josue Rousseau, her crush who she had been keeping tabs on since she moved (one might call her a stalker), into the empty wine bottle on the table. She also sent him a brief warning e-mail begging his help. She knew he would. Katherine then took her leave. She collected as much money as possible from her original account before Damon and left the country. She left the clues not only to drive him mad and to help him, but to aid her theory of compatability. If he comes to Paris and finds me, then we match. Love isn't a worthless accessory, and if he is that brilliant, we deserve eachother. She didn't want to make it easy though, she thought she was a prize not to be won easily. She dyed her hair brown and lived under an alias Helena Steatoda. Her mother's first name, and her last name was the scientific word for 'false widow.' She would now and always be a spider until Damon found her, unless she drove him mad first. The paper's weren't hard to gain acess to considering Damon's occupation and what little he had taught her.She now works with her operatic vocalist degree at the Opera House as an instructor.

Other: She still goes out to clubs to test her skills, and sometimes takes small pleasures in making her students wither, or attracting a strange man every now and again. The only thing she has of Damon is the ring he gave her, and despite her hard efforts, she hopes compatability is more than a theory and Damon will solve the puzzle, even if he is dangerous to her. She also secretly drops notes off to Jose and Damon on where she is and how she is doing, they are coded. It gives her something to do in her spare time.

EDIT: I just thought I would point out her name isn't pronounced like Helen of Troy Helena, it's pronounced kind of like Hell-A-nuh, I guess the last sounds like anal with out the 'l'. Sorry, I'm just a phreak like that...

Thank you PJ for the awesome sig!! You are the Angel of Awesomeness!!
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